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and what about Beate S. Lech (Beady Belle) or Lisa Bossenge (Micatone)
The ladys are good hands at sing.
I recommend:)
Hi Ziuto ! Thanks for your advice about Beady Belle & Micotone. I listen both. The Beady seems to me available., but I is not what I am looking for. Do you like Diana Schuur ? My favorite song is Stormy Monday Blues. She has amazing voice. I would like to sing like her... Do you like to sing???
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hi sunset
I'm listening Diana Schuur just now. She's very classic.
And in fact she's magnificent! Thanks.
I hope you will sing like herEmotion: smile
Unluckily I can't sing very much. I do it only when I take a shower...
I'm not a Frank but "New York" "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "The Lady Is A Tramp" is my best shower songs...
Hi. I'm glad to hear you agan. Sorry for my English. Where did you came from??? How old are you?
I came from Latvia. Did you know where is it???
certainly I know where Latvia is:) I came from Poland. So we are almost neighbours:)
I'm 30Emotion: smile))
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Hi. Please tell me about yourself. Do you work???What is your profession???Have you a large family??? My family is not large. I have brother. I am a advertising consultant by profesional. This year I attend Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration. And You???
So You are a businesswoman!! It sound seriously. Is it interesting, (and perhaps exciting) to manage a team?
I'm drawer freelancer. I working for adwert but mostly I like to make pictures for children.
My family is not large too, I have a sister:)) Since several years we live separately but we see each other as often as is possible.
Do you know Bebe's "Malo"? (Spanish)
It's quite good.
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Hi. How are you??? Emotion: wink))

Who is it Bebe's "Malo"? Please send me his link, because I can not find in online. I would like to listen. Do you like to sing a karaoke??? Here is one address - http://www.karaokegalaxy.com ( here you can sing in online)
Did you have a site for friend??? Emotion: wink)) We have one. It is very popular here. (www.draugiem.lv)Many people visit this site.
Best wishes, Sunshine
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