This is a Recommendation Letter I wrote. Although I have read a lot of materials about how to write a beautiful Recommendation Letter, it is my first experience. So I need some one to check and revise it.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Dear Colleagues:

This is to recommend Mr. XXX, one of my favorite students, for admission into your distinguished Ph.D. program.

I have known Mr. XXX for three years as his supervisor in graduate program at YYYY University. Therefore, I know Mr. XXX very well in terms of his personality and academic performance. Even now I still remember the first time I met him when he was an undergraduate. On one day morning in February 2003, he came in to my office and told me that he took the Graduate Entrance Examination and scored the highest grade in the exam. He wanted to accomplish his undergraduate final project in my laboratory. Then I arranged him to follow an excellent doctor candidate of mine to study experimental techniques and specialized knowledge. During the following three months, he performed exceptionally well. As a result that he gained the “Excellent Graduation Thesis” award at last, as for his perfect stop of undergraduate education and also a perfect beginning of his graduate education.

XXX like challenges. His master degree research project is concerning gene function study using RNAi technique. This project is very challenging because we don’t have solid foundation of alike research work before. The application of RNAi in model organisms such as human and mice is very extensive. But in domestic animals its use is very rare. Working on this difficult project, he shows me the confidence, diligence, intelligence and enthusiasm. I truly believe he has strong learning capability and creativity as a researcher which are just two key parts for all professionals who wish to succeed.

XXX has an honest and virtuous character though he was born in an impoverished family in countryside. His outstanding performance in studies was in sharp contrast to his strait economic conditions. He almost got studentships every year while at university. Teaching and advising such an excellent student has been a delightful pleasure. He is very interested in Molecular Biology. In my opinion, XXX has a potential for further development.

In XXX’s laboratory life, he gets along extremely well with staff and is highly respected by them. He is an optimistic and easy-going youth with team-work spirit. He often takes part in and organise some communal recreation such as basketball games, laboratory parties. Furthermore XXX is good at English especially the oral English. He can talk to foreign professors freely. I remember one time that after he finished his presentation, a foreign professors said “Yeah, your English is very good”.

Judging by what I know of him, his overall performance was excellent. I confirm that Mr. XXX is fully qualified to pursue a Ph.D. degree in your program. I therefore recommend him with enthusiasm. And I shall greatly appreciate if you can favorably consider his application for admission and financial aid. If you want to know more information about him, don't hesitate to contact with me.

Xxx professor
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Hi Snowbird,

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I think this is an outstanding letter. The English is not perfect, but I don't think that matters at all, and I don't recommend that you start making changes. Your meaning is clear and the voice that I 'hear' in the letter sounds like a real person. Your high regard for this young man or woman, as well as your thoughtful and objective assessment, is very evident.

Best wishes, Clive
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So the longer your recommendation letter the more chance to get the job / class, or is it that it's better that they understand you and or your abilities, and accomplishments .
First, which of these two approaches do you think is better, please?Emotion: geeked