Your life

Why couldn’t you keep holding my hand?

What did I do to hurt you?

Placing the flower on your lips

My tears watering you furrowed face

What if you were still here?

Then my life would still be complete

Laying on the grass

Remember when we kissed

Forming figures in the sky

You would be there to wipe my eyes

The stars dressed brighter

in their trousers that night.

I lay naked in the dark.
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Very entrancing!
Enjoyed the read.
Thanks for sharing.
Have you ever had an aching soul? What do you do if that happens?
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If I had had an aching soul,
I would have gone rock'n'roll.
Looking back on my life I can legitimately say that I was born with an aching soul. : (

Well, the attempted remedies can be very diverse.

1. Keeping busy in order not to notice the ache too much.
2. Erradicating the source of the ache.

The latter one is the preferable but not always the possible.
So the first one is the most widely employed.
I'll say!

The first one works better! The aching soul itself is an echo. Once you think of it, there will be reverberating effect for a while unless you keep yourself busy doing something to distract echo.
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U sure seem to have lost ur lover... I sympathise with u.
There is so much depth in ur poem that it moved me and touched me.
Today I felt the peace of darkness
in a black hole
your mind breathing harshness
my neck kissing
my lips sealing
with a rope of love
tied with the fusion
of fleshy firmness
in a distant bluish colour
I observed a tinge
of an underserved coldness.

Ehhh? What's this? Can someone translate this into 'prose'?
This is good too. Hi Maj, whats really bothering u? please share with us. Why is there so much sadness and depression in your poems? Or did I read it wrong???
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