This is not what I asked for
This is not what I wanted from u
U left me forever all to myself
But all I wanted was a little time
to decide.

This is not called love
This is not what I had imagined
U didn't leave any traces of us
For me to think a while and bask
in memories.

This is really not called for
This is not at all fair
U think about it for a moment
All I wanted from u forever is
your love.
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That was a great one
thanks nav
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Thanks alot
nice poetry
Come back to me dear
Come back to my Love
Come see my tear
Come see me laugh
In innocent insanity
In utter depression
With no sense nor fear
Of the future
Or of the past.
Just come back to me
And Live my Life for me
With me!
Life is living
with you
with me
in this insane world of fear
the past is blurred
the future is clear
You are my dear love
You are my peer.
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Its good.
I love it
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