Your money's no good here. There's no need to have money to be respected?

For 50 years, I've watched this city
get eaten alive by crime. But you picked us up, (Helped them?) Kent.
You reminded everybody what it means to be good again.
Originally this means your currency is not acceptable, but in common usage it means 'we won't accept your money' (because there's no charge, or somebody else is paying for it)

picked us up= seems like Kent cheered them up emotionally, but I'm not sure of the exact context. Maybe he wrote a positive article or did some heroic action.
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The man who says all that is showing Clark the article
about him in the paper entitled:

Clark Kent: Alien from another planet.
Actually it turns out that man was the newspaper seller.
He gives the paper to Clark for free. He doesn't want his money.