It's a poem inspired by a poetico-philosphical essay of a friend(Daniel F.). I wrote this in my native language, and then tried it in English, the rhythem and rhym were gone. Fearing its inconsistencies in English, I never dared give it to him.
"When" am I coming from?
How many "where" did I live?
Why this moment abstinates to flow?
And, how many years've gone by since tomorow?
SInce"we shall live" in that never comming empire
Never in Heaven, I believed in earth, in hell, though through the shadows.
Do the shadows uphold the existence of our beings?
Is not I just only words?

Well, I would like to know your opinion about the content and the translation.
Thank You
This language belongs to the enemy of the Verb, if you believe in that, why did you write it then?
Hello Guest

'Enemy of the verb', I think you mean Lucifer, if I am not wrong, but I assure you It has nothing to do with that, as I already explained, it's written after reading a philosphical essay
which was about the end of history and the future of language, and that essay itself was based on the works of Francis Fukuyama( The End of history and the Last Man),
and George Steiner's Grammars of Creation. I hope this clarification helps to clear everything. I didn't mean to offend any ideology or religion.Cheers