I read a sentence earlier today and I thought it was written correctly. Someone said it was not. The sentence was written as, "I think you are amazing." This looks correct to me.

The other person said it should be, "I think your amazing" and justified writing it this way because, "Your more amazing then me."

Speaking of the word "then" in that sentence; shouldn't it be written as, "You are more amazing than me"?

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Those are very common errors.

You're right. "Than" is used in comparisons. "Then" tells when. "Give me my bottle! Then I'll stop crying."

The contraction for "you are" is "you're." "Your" is a possessive adjective. "You're a better man than your father was."

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When I first read it I thought that "you are / you're" sounded right. Then I thought that it should be the word "than" in that sentence and not "then".

So I guess I can say I have been right twice this year!!