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When do I say "I don't remember YOUR telling me that" and "I don't remember YOUR saying that?" I don't know when I have to replace YOU with YOUR.

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Use your when you are speaking of the saying or the telling, which is almost always the case:

I don't remember his sending me an email (= I don't remember getting his email).

In fact, I cannot think offhand of a sentence in this form (postmodifying nonfinite clause) that would refer to the person rather than the action when using you. But then, it is getting late. In third person, I can easily come up with:

I don't remember the man sitting on that plaid davenport (= I don't remember that man, who happens to be sitting over there).
I don't remember the man's sitting on my hat (= I don't remember his clumsy behaviour, though I do recognize him).

Having demonstrated this carefully, I must now admit that the strict use of the possessive form (your, man's) is losing favour with the hoi polloi, and both forms (you, your) will likely be acceptable before long.
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Thanks again for your very helpful answers. What does "But then, it is getting late" mean? It was written in your answer. Does it mean that it is very late in the day at the place where you are located? Then, I went to check at your profile. Oklahoma. So, it is still the morning over there.

Thank you for taking the trouble to learn the spelling of my name, SFB, but you must have checked the wrong profile-- I'm in Yokohama. I passed through Oklahoma once, I think, about 40 years ago.
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Hello Mr Micawber,

I read too fast. Emotion: embarrassed You profile says Yokohama. Maybe I read Oklahoma because this latter is closer to where I live than Yokohama. Emotion: big smile I'm located in Quebec, Canada.

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