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u'd be fanatic about that.
i bought a DVD called 'amadeus' i wached it...it was really good movie... one day we were talking about mozart with my friends and my turkish teacher heard that i have the movie...he wanted my DVD and i gave it...but he didnt give it back!!!!grrr...Emotion: angry
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What an ill-bred teacher! But is there already no hope that he gives it back?
my top 5 :

Starwars : all part, even if sometimes I think that "the Empire strikes back", and "Revenge of the Sith" are really very good.
The 5th Element.
Matrix (first part only)
Lord of the Rings
Cruel intentions

I give you my favorites TVseries too:

Desesperate housewives
CSI miami
Stargate SG1

CallieThe 5th Element.
Oh, yes! I like this film too. Emotion: smile
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my top 5

1)Harry Potter series(but at most goblet of fire!)

2)A beautiful mind

3)Life is Beautiful

4)the Lord of the Rings

5)My Dad and Son(it s a turkish film but very good and sentational.. even i cried when i watching at cinema!! but really liked;)lol))

Turkish films have always bad end or tragic Emotion: wink
My dad and my son(Turkish film) wonderful! Everybody must watch. You won't able to encumber to your tears.
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ah it was mourningEmotion: crying
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