The Incredibles
Die Hard
Forrest Gump
Star Wars
the Extra-Terrestrial

random rank:)
1 2 3 4 5
star wars revenge of sith

harry potter goblet of fire

the butterfly effect


the long weekend;)
so little users on this boardEmotion: sad
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Les Visiteurs & Couloirs du Temps: Les Visiteurs 2. ---> I love them!Emotion: smile (French films)

Peculiarities of National Fishing (a Russian film).

The Lord of the Rings (all three parts; though, the book is mush more interesting).

Men in Black (part one).

The Armour of God (Longxiong Hudi) & The Armour of God 2. Operation Condor (Fei Ying Gai Wak). (Hong Kong.)
Mine top 5:

1.Son's room(An Italian film)

2.Forrest gump

3.Saving private ryan

4.Halfon hill doesn't answer(An Israeli film)

5.the 400....one of the famous films of Francois tirfaut(probably i'm not spelling his name correctly, I have problem with French naems Emotion: big smile )
did u see 'the long weekend'?
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Chariots of Fire
The Passion
The mothman prophecies
The gods must be crazy

Ummmm, probably....

Flight of the navigator

sound is interesting:)
Hmm I'm hard put to pinpoint them, it's a very tough question. I think they're:

1. The godfather (1,2 part)

2. Friends

3. Kill Bill (both parts)

4. Lock stock and two smoking barells

5. Ali G in da house

PS: the last one made me burst my sides with laughter : ) lol
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