I hope you can help me with this question:

When I don't know the name of the person who I'm wriitng to, do I write "yours faithfully" or "kind regards"?
This has been answered in another area. The answer is:- Yours faithfully.

(But you would write Yours faithfully, - with a comma after it, followed by your name on the next line.)
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That's interesting. I'd be inclined to omit the comma after 'Yours faithfully' and leave 4 lines or so before my typed name, to leave space for the signature.

(I think the comma after 'Yours faithfully' may be less common in British business letters these days.)

Sorry Mr P., I should have added, "leaving three or four spaces in between for the signature," after "on the next line".

The comma after Yours faithfully is correct according to Pitman's Office Training, (or at least it used to be). Emotion: smile

Do I have to leave a line after YOURS FAITHFULLY or I can just my name in the next line?

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