Hello Sir,
I wonder if you still remembr my paragraph which you modified yesterday, that gave me the hint that if I change the last sentence from 'they were tiers for a funeral' to 'they were tiers to be shed in a funeral' I will be able to save my 'waiting', and at the same time creat an unobtrusive syntactical conjuncture in reader's mind in this form:'tiers waiting to be shed in a funeral' so the final result would be 'he knew the reason for tear drops waiting on his lower eye lids, they were neither of pain nor of despair, they were tears to be shed in a funeral.'
Please, let me know your opinion. Thank You

Hello x.m.

You are very kind – but I think it was Mister Micawber who modified your paragraph! So I've taken the liberty of flagging this thread for his attention – I hope you don't mind.

Here's the post in question:


Best wishes
Yes, that is a nice metaphor, X. And my pleasure.

I don't suppose we look a bit alike, MrP? Are you a slightly balding chap, with a drink sitting on a coaster to your right?
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Hello Sir,
I owe tow million dollars, and a millon to Mr. Pedantic. I stopped drinking last month, but playing with coasters, that I can't stop. Balding, rather in a figurative sense.

I love you all
The sun's above the yard-arm, and the drink's firmly in place, MrM.

People do seem to confuse us, don't they? No surprise there, on my part (I'm easily confused); and I suppose we do have very similar first names.

Many thanks for the million, Mr X.M.! I have made out a 'debenture' in your name...

And I know what you mean about 'figurative balding'. I too.

I will sign it, and add it up to the pile waiting on my desk. What do you expect, our pereceptions of the truth are confusing. Cheers.
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Ah no, that would make 2 million. I've signed it myself instead. But I'll take that bottle if you don't need it...

You are right: Tow for two, and I forgot you, the bottle is yours, Cheers.
(I think you are as bad as me in buisiness Mr pedantic, if you sign it, then you owe me the money)
You're right. In that case, we must be quits. Emotion: smile

(But not quite – I'm half a bottle ahead. That's not a bad deal.)

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