When should i use Yours Faithfully, does it have a different meaning from 'yours sincerely'?
Yes, but it's also okay to use Yours sincerely in formal letters. The difference is that we use Yours faithfully when we start a letter with Dear Sir/Madam, while Yours sincerely (or Sincerely yours) is used when we've mentioned the actual name of the person you're writing to in the salutation.


Dear Sir/Madam, ---> Yours faithfully formal, not specific

Dear Ms Paula Hill ---> Yours sincerely formal, addressed to a particular person
A slight disagreement to the above:

I agree: NEVER Dear Sir Yours sincerely but always yours faithfully

But Dear Mr Jones can be Yours sincerely or faithfully. The former to someone you know the latter to somebody you do not or only know for business. However there is nothing wrong with Yours sincerely to the latter.

I do agree that best regards, kind regards kindest regards are particularly horrid but that it what some businesses require in the belief, mistaken in my view, that it is more 'touchy feely' Ugh!

Today, I rarely see 'Yours faithfully'. It seems rather old-fashioned to me.

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At the end of a formal letter.

Yours faithfully,

CliveToday, I rarely see 'Yours faithfully'. It seems rather old-fashioned to me.
Would it be possible that it's more common in British English? One of my teachers, a British native, insisted that I use 'Yours faithfully' in certain cases. But I'll take your word for it anyway Clive Emotion: smile Now, that you mention it, 'Yours faithfully' does have a sort of old-fashioned ring to it. But to me, it strikes me as respectful. It's hard to describe...

Kind regards,
Yours faithfully should be used when you don't know to whom you are writing, Yours sincerely should be used if you have a name or are slightly aquainted.
I would add that "yours sincerely" is often preferred because those using it are ignorant of how the different sign-offs should be used in different circumstances - i.e.

Dear Sir/Madam/Parent/The Occupier


Yours faithfully

Dear Mr Paul


Yours sincerely

where "yours sincerely" is only used if the name of the addressee is known.


Anonymous When do you use Yours Faithfully?
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Anonymous When do you use Yours Faithfully?
When you don't know the persom!
Anonymous When do you use Yours Faithfully?
Anonymous When do you use Yours Faithfully?
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