Is this same in meaning? Zebra crossing = pedestrian crossing

He helped the old man to walk across the Zebra crossing/ pedestrian crossing.
No they are different types of crossing.

A zebra crossing is used on quietier roads. The cars stop for you when you step on the crossing.

A pedestrain crossinghave traffic lights to stop the cars. It tells you when to cross via lights and bleeps for the blind.

PS. if you haven't guessed a zebra crossing is black and white stripped.
Light, no light, big road or shopping center, they are all interchangeably crosswalk or pedestrian crossing here.
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Yes. But we don't say 'zebra crossing' in N. America.

Where I live, we say 'crosswalk'.

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It seem that our friends in America/Canada use crosswalk rather than a zebra crossing. That might suggest that you are learning British English rather than American English. Either way the old man was helped across the road at a crossing.
Dave PhillipsEither way the old man was helped across the road at a crossing.
That is the heart of it!