Dear Teachers,

1. What's the difference between "whirl pool" and "swimming pool"?

2. Her daughter has a bad temper that seems come out of nowhere.

- What does "come out of nowhere" mean here?

3. They don't do mountain biking and zip line with children.

- Is "zip line" a sport?

Thanks a bunch to Teachers,

1. A whirl pool can be a naturally occurring phenonanom in which a lot of water is set up in swirling motion, but in your context, I think you refer to a "spa" or a "hot tub." These can be the size of very large bathtubs up to about 10-foot squares (perhaps larger) in which there are water jets set into the walls to make the water swirl around. Usually the water is very hot as well.

2. I believe the writer is suggesting that neither of the parents are bad-tempered so it's surprising that the daughter has a temper - it can't be attributed to either parent.

3. Google "zip line." You'll find information about it.
zip line: