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Learning English from TV Shows and Books Comparison, Which Is Better

English is the most spoken language globally, with more than two billion people speaking the English language daily, making...

Dec 13 · 2 min read >
Multi Ethnic Group of Friends Watching Movies at Home

Reading As One of the Ways to Improve Your English

There are many ways to improve your use and understanding of English, but reading is by far the most...

Dec 13 · 2 min read >
Woman reading in a library.

Useful Websites to Help with Homework in New Zealand

No matter where you are currently enrolled, chances are as a student, you have to work on your assignments...

Dec 11 · 2 min read >
Woman writing down notes on agenda

Majority of: How to Use This Term

Majority of is usually used to describe a position that is more than half of the total sample. if...

Nov 27 · 2 min read >

Effecting Change: What Does It Mean?

Effecting change is to act in a certain way to bring about a result, which in this case is...

Nov 26 · 4 min read >

Honest Mistake Meaning

An honest mistake is a mistake made by a person with no wrong intention. That means when the person...

Nov 25 · 2 min read >
honest mistake

What Does PMS Stand For?

PMS or PMS Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition in which changing hormones leads to disturbances in a female’s behavior,...

Nov 24 · 6 min read >

Which Means: How to Use It

A word that we find in so many English sentences, we need to know when and where to use...

Nov 23 · 6 min read >

More better: Is this correct?

Grammar can be very confusing which is why certain phrases seem right when we speak them but in real...

Nov 21 · 2 min read >

Ideas And Tips For Student Businesses In 2020: Creating A Legitimate Income For Yourself

Everyone who’s gone through college knows how problematic money is. You must balance your studies and work. You’re basically...

Nov 20 · 5 min read >
Business idea and progress concept