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How To Start Studying Well In English: A Guide For Non-Native Students

Studying in English can be highly beneficial for young people. Even if you are not a native speaker, completing...

Jan 20 · 2 min read >
Young woman taking some language lesson online

4 Celebrities Who Had to Learn English as a Second Language

Per Aspera ad Astra! This popular Latin phrase means “through hardships to the stars”. Having talent is great but...

Jan 11 · 2 min read >
Fashion stylists with model

Classic Strategies for English Learning

Introduction English is such a big part of our life that it’s hard to imagine a world where it’s...

Dec 27 · 3 min read >
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The Easy Guide to Business Translation

Are you considering expanding your business to foreign audiences? If so, finding out about business translation is likely at...

Dec 21 · 3 min read >
Man working on a laptop with the word translate on the computer screen

2020 Was A Year Of Online Learning. Would This Proceed in 2021?

The Year 2020 was a strange year that changes our lives in various ways and turns all the traditional...

Dec 17 · 3 min read >
Distant education. Middle aged teacher giving online lesson via internet at home

How Do You Pay for College?

Paying for school can be hard, especially if your parents can’t cover the full cost for you. Anything you...

Dec 16 · 2 min read >
Student loans concept

Learning English from TV Shows and Books Comparison, Which Is Better

English is the most spoken language globally, with more than two billion people speaking the English language daily, making...

Dec 13 · 2 min read >
Multi Ethnic Group of Friends Watching Movies at Home

Reading As One of the Ways to Improve Your English

There are many ways to improve your use and understanding of English, but reading is by far the most...

Dec 13 · 2 min read >
Woman reading in a library.

Useful Websites to Help with Homework in New Zealand

No matter where you are currently enrolled, chances are as a student, you have to work on your assignments...

Dec 11 · 2 min read >
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Majority of: How to Use This Term

Majority of is usually used to describe a position that is more than half of the total sample. if...

Nov 27 · 2 min read >