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10 Awesome Apps to Create an Impressive Resume

The global pandemic changed the world, but also the expectations and needs of people. Staying for a few months...

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10 Awesome Apps to Create an Impressive Resume 1

The global pandemic changed the world, but also the expectations and needs of people. Staying for a few months in your house, and not having the opportunity to meet your friends or pursue your dreams was troubling for some. The global pandemic showed that companies can work on more flexible terms. 

So, this made candidates realize that they can and should ask for more benefits at the workplace. And when they do not have their needs met, they start searching for other opportunities. So, if you are among the people who are now looking for a job, you are in the right place. 

For sure you know you need a resume to apply to jobs, but you need one that stands out from the crowd. Also, you can get the help of an online resume writing service to save your time. Here are 10 awesome apps that will help you create an outstanding resume. 

1. Canva

Canva is a really nice app you can use to create an impressive resume. You can access it on your laptop, but also install it on your Android or iOS phone. You do not need to have great design or graphic skills to build an eye-candy resume. You need Canva for this. The app has both a free and premium version, but you have quite a few available functionalities for the free version. You can choose a template and then edit the text or the design however you want. And you can easily do this with Canva without prior knowledge. 

2. CakeResume 

CakeResume is an amazing app you can use to craft your resume. What’s different about it compared with other ones is that it asks you a few questions at the beginning. Based on your answers regarding your previous work experience and the type of role you are looking for, it will generate a resume. The information you have already mentioned will be already filled there. So, all that remains is to complete it.

3. VisualCV

This is one of the most appreciated resume apps. Even though it too has two versions available (the free and paid one), you have a lot of functionalities to use. You can easily build your resume on a template and then download it as a pdf. You have unlimited downloads available, so this might be the app you were looking for. Available both on android and iOS, VisualCV is a popular app among candidates. 

4. LiveCareer

LiveCareer is an app that offers you not only the option of crafting a resume but a cover letter too. When you submit both of them to the same job, the template and writing style needs to be similar. Well, this will be easy to do with LiveCareer, a resume builder app. The best thing about it is that it allows you to import your previous resume and work on it. One downside would be that it has only about 20 resume templates available. 

5. Pongo

Even though it is not the best out there, Pongo makes its way to the top. It comes with the support and guidance many candidates need. A lot of them stumble upon crafting the best sentences and phrases. And sometimes, they might need help with it. They can get this help from Pongo, an awesome app to build your resume that comes with prewritten phrases. 


If you are looking just for a basic resume builder app, then this one is the right one for you. You do not have to pay to have access to premium features and everything is available. is an app available both for android and iOS and it has about 25 resume templates. You can edit the resume and see the changes in real-time, which will help you carefully craft the phrases and arrange the sections. 

7. PathSource Resume 

Unfortunately, this app is available only for iOS users. However, if you are among them, you should know that this is a fantastic app. It promises to help you build incredible and powerful resumes in only 10 minutes or less. And you don’t have to do so many things. After you choose your resume template, you answer some questions regarding your skills and work experience, and then the app will fill the resume for you. But the most impressive feature is that it analyzes your final draft. This way, it will determine what job opportunities fit your experience. And it will give some suggestions too. 

8. CV Engineer 

Looking to improve your already built resume? Then CV Engineer is the app you were looking after. You can upload your resume to the app and a nice report will be delivered to you. Here you will see the main mistakes identified by the app. On top of this, it offers some suggestions, so you can be sure you craft a compelling resume. 

9. Microsoft Word 

Even though this might not be your first choice when you think about a resume builder app, it is one worth the top. This is because Microsoft Word and the entire Microsoft suite have developed tremendously over the last few years. You now have lots of resume templates and not only to choose from. This is a nice tool as it comes with a lot of functionalities. On top of this, you can check the text in your resume for typos, grammar, or spelling mistakes with the inbuilt tool. 

10. Google Slides 

Last but not least, Google Slides is a helpful option. Some might see this recommendation as odd because no one crafts their resume in a presentation form. However, you can show your personality however you want and Google Slides can turn out to be a nice tool to use. You can make only one slide or have more and present your work experience and skills. 

Final Thoughts

Looking for the most awesome apps that help you craft your resume? Choose the ones that meet your needs and start working on your impressive CV.

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