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10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19

Although we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses, schools, and educational institutions need to stay operational if...

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Although we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses, schools, and educational institutions need to stay operational if they can while maintaining social distance guidelines and following government-imposed restrictions. 

Fortunately, thanks to new technology, many students can continue learning from the comfort of their homes while still enjoying all the benefits of in-person classes.

This is all due to the learning management systems. An LMS software provides virtual classrooms where teachers and students can stay connected regardless of where they are located. 

LMS Software Market 

Businessmen are analyzing graphs and using tablets.

A powerful online learning management system comes with countless features that can make learning more fun and engaging. They can allow schools to stay in business during this pandemic. 

The LMS market is growing at an exponential rate, especially now during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s expected to be worth over $22.4 billion by 2023

While this is good news, it does mean that there are plenty of LMS software developers who are just trying to get a piece of the profits without offering high-quality solutions. 

So, to help you avoid subpar LMS, we’ve compiled a list of the best online learning management systems that will help your educational institution to continue providing high-quality lessons to house-ridden students. Let’s take a look.

ProProfs LMS Software 

10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 1

For those looking to create an all-encompassing virtual classroom, ProProfs LMS software can be a great solution. 

It’s a good fit for a school of any size, as you can deploy lessons with just a few students or hundreds of them simultaneously.

You can enjoy living, in-person online lessons or asynchronous teaching, upload learning material, create assignments and homework, delegate tasks, track performance, develop tests, and more. 

With its user-friendly interface, there’s a minimal learning curve for teachers and students alike. Being cloud-based, it’s compatible with most existing systems and devices, so all learning material can be accessed easily. 


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 2

Coursera can be a nice option for individual students who want to keep up with their classes during the coronavirus lockdown. 

While teachers cannot use this online learning management system for the creation of their own course material, Coursera does have a large library of readily available courses that anyone can leverage.

The courses are extensive, covering the topics of computer science, technology, healthcare, arts and humanities, and more. 

There’s a choice between on-demand lessons and timed classes, which can last up to 12 weeks, but either way, students can learn at their own pace.


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 3

Qintil was primarily designed for corporate employee training, but it can be a useful tool for colleges and other educational institutions in these times of need. 

It boasts affordable pricing plans and a wide array of features. Instructors and teachers can easily create and distribute their own learning material and even promote and sell them if they want. 

They can keep track of how each learner is doing and receive scheduled reports on their progress. 

A free trial is available for students and educators to test out the LMS software and see whether it’s a good fit for them.


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 4

Codecademy is a bit more specialized, so while it can be a beneficial online learning management system for certain courses and lessons, it might not be enough for the entire school curriculum. 

As its name implies, Codecademy is specialized in providing coding classes. Its courses revolve around data science, game development, programming, and more, and students will be able to learn all the major computer languages. 

This LMS software can easily be used by beginners such as college freshmen, as all the courses are divided into smaller lessons that they can master easily. 

Academic Earth 

10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 5

Academic Earth was developed with the goal of making high-quality higher education available to everyone. Many of the courses available on this platform come from renowned universities such as Yale, Stanford, and Princeton, among others.

Most of the learning content available on Academic Earth is in video form, and students will easily be able to find suitable video lectures, tutoring videos, and even videos designed for test prep. 

The platform provides videos on a wide variety of subjects, including psychology, biology, marketing, art and design, languages, engineering, etc. 


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 6

edX offers high-quality university lessons that cover hundreds of different subjects and thousands of different courses. 

Many of the lessons can be taken in a few different languages, which can be excellent for educational institutions that are housing international exchange students. 

Any student can access this online learning management system for free and sign up for any of the courses on offer. Verified courses can come with an attached price, and how expensive they are can vary by the course. 


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 7

Udacity allows students to learn various courses at their own pace. All the courses are focused on helping learners develop their computer skills, so this LMS software could be the best choice for IT college programs. 

Topics covered include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Interview coaching, programming, data science, and more. 

Students can complete real-world projects while they’re learning, create their own schedules, and receive 24/7 support.


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 8

LessonPaths is a unique online learning management system. It’s a platform that allows you to create learning playlists by combining blogs, educational videos, and sites. 

It encourages communication and collaboration between users and can be a fine choice for children, students, and adults alike. 

You can keep track of each student, monitor their progress, and see how much time they spend on completing assignments. 

While it doesn’t boast some of the more advanced features that can accompany a standard LMS software, it can still be a useful tool for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown.


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 9

Kannu can be used by colleges, universities, businesses, and even individuals who want to enhance their learning. 

It has a modern, intuitive interface, making it easy to use and get accustomed to by anyone. Instructors can customize their courses, invite new learners, create schedules, and more. 

It has powerful analytics that can provide insights into each individual learner, their engagement levels, performance, and progress. 

Its pricing depends on the number of learners you have, so it can be an affordable solution for smaller schools and larger universities alike. 


10 LMS Software for Simplifying Online Education During COVID-19 10

Last but not least, we have Alison. A simple, free LMS software that offers countless different courses with certificates and diplomas upon completion. 

Although there are thousands of different courses, they’re all divided into a few broad categories, the most popular of which are language, science, IT, and business. 

It’s designed for individual learning, but can be a useful tool for colleges that still want to offer quality courses to their students during the lockdown. 

The Bottom Line

Finding the right online learning management system for your students can be tricky, so it’s best to give at least a few of these LMS software solutions a try before you commit. 

These days cloud based LMS are also gaining more attraction. Microsoft`s Azure for education empowers students and teachers with fascinating cloud based study resources that can be accessed remotely from anywhere with Azure WVD i.e. Azure windows 10 virtual desktop at an effective cost.

They all boast a variety of different features that can help you provide a better learning experience to each and every student in your school.

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