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12 Apps & Websites for Teaching Math Online in English (to foreigners)

Digital math tools can be helpful whether you’re teaching in-person or online. Even before the pandemic, some math teachers...

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12 Apps & Websites for Teaching Math Online in English (to foreigners) 2

Digital math tools can be helpful whether you’re teaching in-person or online.

Even before the pandemic, some math teachers already had access to mathematical websites for kids, which help students visualize mathematical concepts, promote mathematical conversation, etc. However, remote learning encouraged other teachers to discover math apps and internet tools for the very first time.

 To find out which math tools are valuable and effective for remote learning in English, parents need to sift through hundreds of math websites which can be overwhelming. To make things easier, here are twelve excellent websites to help your child learn maths in English.

 1. Brighterly

 One of the best websites for learning maths in English is Brighterly. It makes teaching more pleasant by fusing engaging exercises and games with arithmetic principles. The website caters to children in Pre-K through Grade 5.

 A free trial is available before purchasing any of the math education packages it offers. On Brighterly, each lesson is tailored to the needs and skill levels of the students.

 2. Chegg

 Because math difficulties don’t follow regular business hours, mathematics programs for kids should strive to provide day and night support. Since its establishment more than ten years, Chegg has been an excellent resource for seeking assistance with math homework outside of class. 

 Students can use this service to upload their math homework from their gadgets and get assistance from experienced instructors on the platform.

 Chegg ranks among the most practical online tutoring businesses because it provides 24/7 help via its app. 

 3. Revolution Prep

 Revolution Prep takes pride in only working with full-time educators whose principal objectives are to help kids get better grades, build their self-esteem, and reduce fear of this subject. Students can access one-on-one private tutoring online with the help of this resource.

 They can also obtain private instruction from tutors, who provide highly customized training with remarkable outcomes. Math is just one of the different subjects available in Revolution Prep, in addition to others, including English and Science.

 4. Math Playground

 Among the best places to practice and sharpen your mathematical abilities is on Math Playground. It covers various real-world math issues, mathematical artwork, and subjects. There are also enjoyable math games covering fractions, geometry, time, graphing, multiplication, and money.

 There are math materials for grades K through 6. 

 5. TutorMe

12 Apps & Websites for Teaching Math Online in English (to foreigners) 3

TutorMe is a comprehensive web-based online maths tutoring program with various features. It starts by providing video tutorials made by more than 3000 professionals in multiple industries. A searchable database of 400,000+ concepts is also available on the website.

 TutorMe has a live chat function where students can seek assistance with specific problems from their instructors. The interactive video lessons can also be paused, viewed, or replayed at whatever moment.

 6. Prodigy Math

 Prodigy math is used in classes all around the world by millions of teachers for no charge. Prodigy is a captivating, entertaining curriculum-based game that enables kids to interact in a fascinating wizard universe, inspiring children to practice arithmetic more than they previously had. It provides a thorough list of more than 1,500 exercises. 

 There’s also a dashboard feature that provides immediate feedback on students’ achievement without grading, allowing teachers to keep track of their students’ progress. Prodigy offers free teacher access and has tasks for kids in grades 1 through 8. Parents can join for a monthly fee.

 7. IXL Learning

 This web-based math platform is a fantastic choice if you want to enroll your children in an online math course. IXL Learning offers more than 5,000 math exercises for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

 IXL Learning is also an excellent resource because it includes content for 2000 early math concepts and a unique, thorough reporting system. There is also a UK edition of IXL Math. It provides detailed, focused lessons that adjust to each student’s proficiency.

 8. BuzzMath

 This program’s primary goal is to boost students’ mathematical aptitude in middle and elementary school. It is created for grades 1 through 9, features well-formulated math problems, which help kids advance at their own rate, and offers quick feedback. 

 9. TeacherVision

 This website provides educational material across the board, including geography and the arts. Visit the dedicated page to access math resources, where you’ll find a ton of information and enjoyable exercises.

 You can easily download many mathematical application tasks according to grade levels since the website’s UI is user-friendly. TeacherVision offers materials for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The website’s printable rulers and measurement conversion tables are some exciting features you’ll find here.

 Teachers can use these tools in conjunction with the curriculums. To access the website’s features, you must be a registered user.

 10. Skooli

 Skooli is a web-based platform that links students with qualified instructors worldwide for math tutoring. The website contains many features, including live progress updates, video chat, and a virtual whiteboard.

 Because kids can see and hear their instructors clearly, it creates a more dynamic and exciting learning environment. On Skooli, tutors are accessible around-the-clock, and hourly rates start at $15. Additionally, the website provides a free trial so students can test the service before signing up.

 11. Khan Academy

 Students worldwide can access free, top-notch math lessons from Khan Academy. For pupils of all ages, they offer individualized learning resources in various areas, including arithmetic, and the program is designed for students in grades K–12.

 12. Mathnasium

 Mathnasium has come up with a new approach to teaching mathematics. Since, at its core, it operates on the assumption that pupils have previous knowledge in arithmetic, the site aims to consolidate knowledge and fill in any existing gaps. They meticulously review the material with the student to ensure they understand it all and can solve math problems independently.

Since the website steadily boosts the child’s rational thought process, it is excellent for children who might have gaps in their understanding of the subject.

The bottom line

These twelve are some of the best websites for learning maths. Check out each website before settling on one that best meets your kid’s needs.

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