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5 Effective Tips to Help You Write an Essay That is Interesting to Read

Throughout your education journey, you’ll be required to write quite a few essays in school and college. Unfortunately, most...

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Throughout your education journey, you’ll be required to write quite a few essays in school and college. Unfortunately, most students struggle with writing, even when they spend hours studying. This is why most students procrastinate and end up working on their assignments just before the deadline.

Instead of spending time on their assignments, they may find a writing service for their essays, read about writing companies on BetterWritingServices or other review sites, and ask their peers to write essays for them. If this issue sounds familiar, then this guide is for you.

Although you might not be a naturally talented writer, we have several tips that can help you craft an excellent essay about any academic topic.

Why Is Writing Essays So Difficult?

All of the time you spend studying and finishing your assignments will prepare you for a brighter academic and professional future. However, most students dread writing essays. Here are some reasons why most students find essay writing challenging: 

  • Most students struggle to craft the right sentences to convey their message. They may know a lot of information about the academic topic, but they struggle to manage the wide range of vocabulary that is needed to explain their point of view.
  • Some people may be intimidated because they do not feel that they are talented writers. This causes them to be hesitant, which affects the quality of the essay. 
  • According to APA, students are under a lot of pressure, as they have to study for their quizzes and finish all their research papers while taking part in social and extracurricular activities. Some students also have to focus on a job to secure their expenses, so they have little time to work on an essay. 
  • Students may be writing to impress their professor or teacher, so they lack the confidence to express their point of view. As a result, their essays lack a coherent structure. 

Because of these reasons, most students will try to procrastinate when they have an upcoming essay. However, you can follow a few tips to make your job easier and more successful. 

5 Effective Tips to Help You Write an Interesting Essay

The following tips will help you finish an impressive essay that will attract the attention of your professor and anyone who reads your writing. 

1.     Choose an Interesting Topic

After going through the essay’s overview, you need to choose an interesting topic. The topic should be relevant to the academic subject you’re studying, so your professor can see that you’ve done the necessary work. 

The topic should also be unique and exciting, as this will tempt the readers to read the essay to the end. When the topic is too broad, you will struggle to come up with relevant sentences that connect all of your ideas together. At the same time, when the topic is too specific, you will not have enough ideas to write about. 

Start with brainstorming, listing all the ideas that connect to the main topic. Next, break these ideas into subheadings, and write some sentences about each one. When possible, choose something that you personally enjoy or find relevant, as this will facilitate the writing process and help you enjoy finishing your essay. If you feel stuck, you can ask your professor for assistance. 

2.     Create an Outline

An outline or a plan will make your writing job easier and help you during the editing process. Instead of writing long paragraphs that are confusing and difficult to understand, break your essay into several sections.

List down all the ideas to make sure that they belong to the right section of your essay. The outline will help you see if you’ve deviated away from the original plan. 

3.     Start Writing

In most cases, an essay will be made of three parts: the introduction, main body, and conclusion. The thesis statement or main topic of the essay should be stated in the introduction, along with an interesting quote or funny story to grab the attention of the readers. 

In the main body, you should discuss several ideas based on research. You should also focus on listing multiple pieces of evidence to support your point of view. Some students prefer to write the main body first, as it sets the tone of the essay. 

At the end, you should write a conclusion that sums up the whole idea, where you restate your thesis statement and explain your opinion. However, you shouldn’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion paragraph to avoid confusion. 

4.     Start Editing

You need to read your first draft and check the structure of every sentence. Ensure that the correct format is used, and revise the paragraphs to ensure that they follow a logical order. 

The strongest points should appear at the beginning of the essay, followed by a relevant piece of evidence. You should also revise the grammar, spelling, and punctuation to be sure that the essay is well-written. 

To deliver your message, you need to revise the writing and check for weak vocabulary. You should also use a relevant tool to revise your essay for plagiarism, so you’re submitting an original essay. 

5.     Proofread Your Essay

After writing your essay, you need to proofread it, so it’s free of all mistakes. You can ask a friend or tutor to read your essay, or you may even hire a professional writer to proofread it. 

Take notes about people’s feedback before submitting your essay. You also need to make sure that you’ve cited the resources properly to show that you’ve done enough research for this assignment.

Wrap Up

Writing an essay can be an intimidating task, but you can follow these tips to finish with an excellent essay. Make sure that you have enough time to research the topic, and break your essay into several sections. You should also leave enough time before the deadline, so you can edit and proofread your assignment properly.


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