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7 Amazing Websites to Learn English Grammar Online

For many of us the concept of studying English grammar equals hours of poring over textbooks trying to figure out...

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For many of us the concept of studying English grammar equals hours of poring over textbooks trying to figure out the rules. It probably brings back not-so-happy memories cramming for exams too. However, with these 7 websites improving grammar has never been easier!

1. 5 Minute English

This website offers the most common grammar mistakes and questions explained in an easy to understand way. The bite-sized lessons are great for beginners and revising on the go.

2. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

On the other hand, for those students who need grammar that is not only explained clearly but also in detail with various examples, this website is the place to go to. On top of that, the webpage sponsored by a university, offers a lot of tips to hone your writing skills.

3. Daily Grammar

Another website that excels in providing detailed grammatical lessons, along with practice questions and answers. As they say themselves, the rules are simplified and the content fun and convenient for all those who want to refresh their English grammar.

4. English Club

This website is loaded with just about everything you need when studying English. An  excellent grammatical content is followed by fun articles, quizzes and sections that will help you improve all four basic English skills.

5. Cambridge

A website that offers a plethora of useful things, starting from the well-known dictionary to a grammar website packed with a lot of interesting topics such as easily confused words, typical errors, precise definitions and everyday examples.

6. Grammarly

Apart from the splendid feature that corrects on the spot, this website incorporates useful grammatical content. What it especially draws attention to is natural speaking and writing, giving tips on how to avoid grammatically correct, but awkward sentences.

7. British Council

Last, but not the least, here is a website that before teaching you actually checks your proficiency level and suggests appropriate grammar materials. The rich website also covers all four basic English skills, from a fun way to study vocabulary to online courses to boost your fluency.

Give these sites a shot, find your favorites and immerse yourself in an adventure called studing English!

Written by Emi Ilievska
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