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7 Ways to Find Your Readers as a Student Blogger

Advertising your blog is even harder than creating it. You need basic knowledge of marketing to find readers. Simultaneously,...

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Advertising your blog is even harder than creating it. You need basic knowledge of marketing to find readers. Simultaneously, you should offer high quality to make them interested on a long-term basis.

For getting top-quality content, you can always turn to an essay writer who works for recognized essay service. As for advertising, quite often, you have to deal with it on your own.

Many newbies struggle with popularizing their blogs and finding loyal followers. For students, a search for readership can turn into a disaster. However, if you have a strategy, finding readers can be a pleasing experience.


The approaches are different when you write a visual analysis essay versus a blog post. While the first one is formal, the latter should flow smoothly and intrigue. Headlines have a special role in it.

Forget about academic rules here. This is the time when, as an author, you have the freedom to name your text however you want to. Give preference to a catchy headline to trigger readers’ curiosity. It should captivate them but not give out too much.

Many readers prefer numbers. It makes them think they have several ways to solve their problems. They only need to choose one for them. Also, headlines that give promises or answer the question “Why should I read this?” trigger greater attention.


Always provide your readers with top-quality content. Otherwise, they will feel deceived and give up reading.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Understand where you are in terms of content quality. Ask yourself these questions: “Do I want to read my essay to me over and over?”; “Is it interesting or monotonous?”.

Also, you should regularly post something to keep your visitors hooked.

Grab Attention

Assuming you have a small audience, your goal is still to grow it. Apply your knowledge of marketing and some hacks.

Famous Iranian American entrepreneur Arash Ferdowsi always claims no business can be done successfully if no marketing is involved. Your blog is not an exception. You have to make it the talk of the town to acquire new readers.

Student bloggers often neglect to add a call to action. If you creatively do that, asking readers to share your content, you are likely to see your audience grow.

Write Guest Posts

If you think that posting for your blog is enough, you are wrong. You need to build an image of an expert in your niche. Writing guest posts is the fastest way to do that.

You need to publish your articles on authority websites to intensify your blog’s traffic. By putting your content in front of a bigger audience, you reach out to more people and position yourself as a leader.

At the same time, the website receives quality content from you without fearing that you’ll steal its audience. Usually, authority websites accepting guest posts publish content of smaller blogs from a different niche in order not to grow competitors. Therefore, it’s a win-win for both.

Final Words

You know how difficult it is to get new readers. It’s even more challenging to retain them. You have to fuel their interest to make them stay.

If you follow the advice above, you will not only get new followers but also build a strategy to keep the existing ones. The key to success in blogging is to put your readers’ needs first. If you do that, you are likely to become their favourite writer.


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