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8 Uncommon Ways to Learn Real Life English

English is a popular language all around the world. Even people from non-English speaking countries aspire to learn the...

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English is a popular language all around the world. Even people from non-English speaking countries aspire to learn the interactive English language in Canada. There’re a lot of ways to learn English without the need to regularly going to English lessons or playing casino games at popular sites like, it includes:

  • Try to Only Communicate Through English

If you find it hard speaking English, why not try speaking English all the time? It’s not a must that you will attend a real English lesson to speak fluently. Making English your communication Language can help you master the phrases and speak fluently. It might be overwhelming at first, but it will be beneficial in the long run. Forget your native language and speak exactly like someone who only knows English.

  • Learn with Your English Speaking Friends

Instead of hanging with friends for unnecessary fun, why not use the opportunity to interact and learn English with them. Let them teach you with phrases that you know nothing about. Challenge them and learn properly from them. Having friends who teach you English will enlighten you with all the knowledge you need.

  • Participate in English Speaking Contests

According to the view of Daniel Bennet, as an expert in guest post topics, participating n English speaking content will give you challenges that will help equip your speaking skills. Joining an English-speaking contest where gifts can be won gives you additional motivation of trying to win something while learning the trending language. If possible hold a gaming contest where you and your Canadian friends play online casino games while speaking online English. Make the event fun!

  • Get Your Friends to Learn with You

In most cases, learning English by yourself can be boring. Why not get your friends to join you in the learning process. Forming a group learning with your friends will give you more challenges that will equip you for better opportunities. 

If none of your friends speak English properly, then you all should learn together. But if one of your friends happens to be fluent in speaking English, you all should endeavor to learn from your friend. Set an interesting gaming event where you plays an online game that has accurate gamification while interesting in English

  • Read English Books

Even though it might sound boring, reading English books is a great way of learning the language. There are a lot of English books to read in Canada depending on your preference. You can start reading novels or comic strips depending on what you fancy. It might seem hard at the beginning, but it’s bound to get easy as you continue learning new phrases. You can either read these books physically or through e-reader software on your smart device.

  • Talk to Social Media Strangers in English

Get started in the world of social media. Trying to create an account on Facebook, Twitter, and others to talk to English-speaking strangers. Chatting English speaking people on Social media can serve as a way of learning English. And most importantly, you have the option of talking about anything.

  • Listening to Podcast

Listening to English podcasts can enlighten you about English phrases. You will be forced to learn new words whenever you listen to podcasts. And interestingly, you can listen to podcasts from anywhere at any time. Whether you are driving or cooking, you can keep the podcast on while performing your daily activity.

  • Watch TV Shows with English Subtitles

Watching TV shows with English subtitles is a popular way of learning the language. There are different varieties of movies to watch. You can also choose to watch already seen movies to basically understand the whole concept. While watching the movies, you will be able to match the words with the spoken language. Watching movies with English subtitles can teach you how to speak and write English fluently.


There are different varieties of ways to learn English and speak fluently. And the above uncommon methods will guide you with the skill needed for mastering the English language.

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