Amature vs Amateur: Which is correctly spelled?

Today, we will look at one of the most misspelled words in the language, amateur. English is a diverse...

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amature vs amateur

Today, we will look at one of the most misspelled words in the language, amateur. English is a diverse language. Hence it is commonplace for people to make mistakes as they navigate through the language. 

One such mistake is the incorrect spelling of words. Although writing services, such as Buy Essay Club, can distinguish those subtle differences in the English language for you, knowing the correct spelling of common words can save you hassle in the long run.

So, how do you spell amateur? Is the correct spelling amature or amateur? And do most write amature meaning amateur?

Well, according to the English dictionary and other sources, the correct spelling is amateur. Amature is just an incorrect spelling of this word. Although it is highly used, it is best to note and use amateur as the correct spelling instead of amature.

According to one of the professional write my essay services, this spelling is commonly used when writing essays, blogs, personal texts or on the comments section on a social media page to maintain a conversational tone.

Amature vs amateur – which one is correct?

Having noted that amature is an incorrect spelling of amateur, why is it common for people to use mature?  By knowing the origin of amature we will also be able to know the correct spelling.

Since the correct form of amateur was Latin, amator, made up of two words: amare- meaning to love and the Latin suffix  –or. The French later adopted this name and replaced -or with -teur to spell it as amateur. Since the English version of amateur is derived from French then the use of the suffix -teur will be the correct spelling.

Amateur can either be:
  • Noun
  • Adjective

Amateur as a noun

Amateur has two dictionary meanings:

  1. An amateur is a person who takes part in an activity, especially sports, for the love of it and not for payment. Non-professional.

Example: An amateur writer does not know how to use rights reserved.

  1. An  amateur can also refer to a person who is incompetent or is unskillful in a specific activity

Example: It was easy to beat the amateur in the spelling competition.

Amateur as an adjective

Amateur also has two meanings as an adjective

  1. When someone is engaging in an activity without payment and is non-professional.

                Example: The federation is trying to revive amateur wrestling in the country.

  1. When a certain activity is done in an incompetent or unskillful way.

                  Example: The comments he posted on my page were really amateur

Quick Note: See more Adjective Examples for better understanding.

How do you spell I’m correctly?

Just like amature, Im is actually an incorrect spelling, it is the shortened form of I am. I am means that you acknowledge you exist, it means “my self”. 

Example: I’m checking the incorrect spellings.

When in spoken and written form the English language has a group of words or phrases called contractions. A contraction is  a phrase or a word that is made short by excluding a letter or a few letters. When in written form an apostrophe is used to replace the excluded letter or letters.

In professional publications, contractions are rarely used. However, this spelling is commonly used when writing essays, blogs, personal texts or on the comments section on a social media page to maintain a conversational tone.

We note that contractions require an apostrophe for their correct spellings; hence, Im is an incorrect spelling –it should be spelled as I’m. 

Some examples of these contractions with incorrect spellings are:

  1. I am – I’m instead of Im
  2. should not – shouldn’t instead of shouldnt
  3. I have – I’ve instead of Ive.
  4. can not – can’t instead of cant


  1. I’m going to check mostly on the spelling.
  2. Shouldn’t you report the accident?
  3. I’ve heard that excuse before.
  4. A mother can’t live without her child.

How do you spell competition correctly?

Unlike amateur, it is hard to find an incorrect spelling of competition.  Competition is a noun which has a few definitions:

  1. Trying to gain a certain prize, status or a win by defeating and demonstrating superiority over others.

  Example: The stiff competition between both amateur football teams is evident

2. Competition can also be defined as a function or a tournament in which a person or teams take place in order to show their superiority in that particular area.

   Example: She was an amateur until she got into her first modelling competition

      3.The last definition as per the dictionary is the person or team to which you are trying to show superiority over the opposition.

       Example: She posted amateur comments because she knew I was the real competition

The correct spelling is competition and is derived from the verb compete, which is the action of trying to win. You will rarely see people using an incorrect spelling of the word competition.

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