Another Word for Explain: Sample Sentences

Are you tired of using the verb explain, again and again, that’s why you’re looking another word for explain?...

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another word for explain

Are you tired of using the verb explain, again and again, that’s why you’re looking another word for explain? Well, good for you because explain is our word of the day. So first, let us recall what explain means. According to the dictionary, explain is a verb or an action word in English, which means to make something clear or give a reason to.

There are actually several synonyms and related words for the verb explain in the Thesaurus. But instead of just providing the meaning of explain synonyms or definitions from Thesaurus or dictionary, we’ll give you some example sentences for each synonym or verb.

We’ll also give the antonyms and related words so that you can really master this verb. So without further ado, let’s go to our fun list of synonyms for explain, our word of the day.

On a side note, some people are still confused about whether the word explain is a verb, a noun, or even both. To be clear, the word explain is a verb, while its noun form is explanation.

What is the synonym of explain?

So, what to say instead of explain? As for its synonym, explain, our word of the day can actually be said in many ways. After a search of this verb in Thesaurus, here are the synonyms for explain.

interpretdefinespell out
point outclarifydescribe

As promised, here are some examples for the synonyms of the verb explain:

  • The student raised her hand and said, “Sir, can you please interpret the logic behind it?”
  • Before he ends the class, the professor revealed that outdoor plants grow faster than indoor plants.
  • To illustrate the experiment, coach Linda held something as a substitute for the actual material.
  • Pauline justified the reason for her absence in her excuse letter.
  • Lea described the reason behind her nasty attitude towards Shane.
  • To know whether a word is a noun or a verb, you must analyze how it’s used in a sentence.

Now that we’ve provided some explains synonym, here are some antonyms of the verb explain.


Here are some examples for the antonyms of the verb explain used in a sentence:

  • Something inside me tells me that she’s concealing the truth.
  • The suspect confused the officers in the interview, which is why they raised their suspicion.
  • She did make things up to distort the truth, with hopes of getting acquitted.
  • They didn’t want to hurt her; that’s why they withheld the information about her biological mom.
  • One of the students complicated the difference between a verb and other parts of speech; the reason half of the students failed their final exam.
  • He perplexed his classmates into thinking about whether swimming is a noun or a verb.

What is another word for discuss?

There are a lot more words related to the verb explain. Explain and discuss are related words. However, discuss, which is also a verb, is defined as talk over with another in Thesaurus, compared to explain, a verb which means to make clear. These words can also be used in replacement for explain or the words given above.

conversetake upconfabulate

To illustrate the use of these synonyms, here are some sample sentences:

  • They didn’t give enough time to figure out the analytics; that’s why the report didn’t go well.
  • The counselor did give them enough time to converse about their family issues.
  • The students examined whether the given word is a verb or a noun.
  • In their English class, the teacher always asked the students to debate over current issues to enhance their English speech and vocabulary skills.
  • The students also started arguing whether the set of words ending in -ing are a verb or a noun.
  • The English teacher did give them time to review the lessons because some students are confused about whether some words ending in -ing are a verb or a noun.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the list of explained synonym words. English can be fun with the list of antonyms and synonyms for explain, right? Who would’ve thought that there are several synonyms for explain, a verb which means to make clear? Not to mention the synonyms for the verb discuss? Now, it’s time for you to give it a try and make some sentences using each verb and its synonyms. Just choose any word or verb given above!

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