Another Word for Important: Do You Know Any?

Wondering about another word for important? Let the English Forward team help you find interesting synonyms and uses.

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The English language is a large ocean of words, and important is one of the most overused ones. In this article, we will give you some synonyms of important, for the different situations in which you can use this word. These synonyms for important will be used in examples as well.

To make this article even more useful, we also included a list of antonyms for important, which is the other main function of a thesaurus. You can search through this text and find out what these words are at the end of the article. Use the information you find here in your day-to-day speech to make your English even better.

Synonyms showing key significance

One of the main uses of the word important is to denote that something is of key significance. Below is a list of words that you can use in place of important in this context. After each synonym for important, you will also find an example sentence.

  • Essential – It was essential that the explorers brought enough food for the expedition to Antarctica.
  • Vital – John taught it was vital to have read at least five books by the age of 10.
  • Imperative – For schools, it is imperative to ensure a high standard of education.
  • Necessary – It is necessary to adhere to the safety rules in times of pandemic.

As you can see all these adjectives can serve as another word for important. Here is an example of the first sentence with the original adjective:

It was important that the explorers brought enough food for the expedition to Antarctica.

Synonyms showing an object or idea is an essential part of something

Important is also a word that denotes an essential object or idea, which is part of something bigger. Here are some great word options to replace important in your sentences. Use these synonyms to replace important:

  • Fundamental – One of the fundamental parts of a car is its transmission.
  • Primary – Education is a primary pillar of a well-functioning state.
  • Staple – The fifth amendment is a staple of the United States constitution.
  • Integral – Language studies are an integral part of the educational system.

Important is a very versatile adjective. You can use a thesaurus and find even more synonyms for important in this context. Here is an example of how the original adjective will fit:

One of the important parts of a car is its transmission.

Synonyms showing emotional worth

Important is often used to show that an item, memory, or idea has emotional worth to a person. If you are looking for an important synonym in this context you can take a look at the list of word suggestions below:

  • Memorable – Going to the Swiss Alps was a memorable experience.
  • Special – John had to buy a gift for a special occasion.
  • Notable – For Emily, highschool graduation was one of the notable moments in her life.
  • Impressive – It was impressive that the new statue was 30 meters tall.

Synonyms for important can serve as a great tool, and you can find even more by searching through a thesaurus. This can help you learn more words, other synonyms, and antonyms in English. To illustrate a synonym of important works, here is the first sentence with the original adjective:

Going to the Swiss Alps was an important experience for the whole family.

Synonyms showing an important part of a discussion or talk

A word can have a very versatile nature, which is why important has so many synonyms, all fitting different contexts of application. A big portion of the synonyms of this word has to do with related to an important part of a discussion, or conversation. Here are some examples:

  • Noteworthy – A noteworthy point in the debate was the one on democracy.
  • Salient – The new notebook covers all salient points when it comes to human biology.
  • Pertinent – All topics covered in this class were pertinent to the discussion at the end of the semester.
  • Solid – Jack introduced a solid point when talking about cost reduction.

The words above are all related to important and can be used as working synonyms in the context of a talk or discussion. You can always search for other related terms in a thesaurus or online. Here is the first sentence with the original adjective, like in previous examples:

An important point in the debate was the one on democracy.

Synonyms showing a high intensity

It is crucial to note that a significant amount of the words we mention as synonyms for important can be used interchangeably between different contexts. The words you will see below are related to the degree of importance a certain situation carries.

  • Tremendous – Like many, Nixon had a tremendous role in the way World War 2 unraveled.
  • Remarkable – It was remarkable how the firefighters dealt with the fire in the library.
  • Determining – Joey was the last runner in the relay, so he had a determining role in the race.
  • Cardinal – The Prime Minister made the cardinal decision to support all those in need of financing.

While words like important have a more general connotation, there are a lot of synonyms that can be used as a replacement word. Related terms bring variety and richness to your speech. Here is the first sentence with the word important in it:

Like many, Nixon had an important role in the way World War 2 unraveled.

Antonyms of important

Antonyms, when it comes to the study of words, are just as important as synonyms. If you ever feel like you need just the opposite of the word important, search through this article to get some great examples. It is crucial to know the antonyms of a word, just as it is necessary to know the synonyms.

  • Irrelevant – It was irrelevant how big the audience was, as long as the new book was received well.
  • Worthless – All the pictures from the trip to the Swiss Alps were worthless, the camera did not have a film in it.
  • Negligible – The points Josh raised during the discussion were negligible and of little value to the class.
  • Meaningless – It was meaningless to try and put out the fire.

All words have synonyms and antonyms and it is important to try and learn as many of them as possible. Antonyms are significant in situations when you are looking for the right words to refute someone’s point during a discussion.

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