Emi Ilievska

Emi is the Communications and Community Manager at English Forward. She has a Bachelors degree in e-Business and has been working in the eLearning industry for three years. She has previously managed social media for various brands from diverse industries, including health, technology, coaching, and education.

Emi Ilievska

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55 Common Grammatical Questions – Part 2

Have you already checked 55 Common Grammatical Questions – Part 1? If not, make sure to do so before...

Apr 23 · 2 min read >
Students studying in classroom

55 Common Grammatical Questions – Part 1

When we start learning a foreign language, the most intimidating thing is usually grammar. With its many rules (some...

Apr 1 · 2 min read >
Doing exercise on tablet

7 Amazing Websites to Learn English Grammar Online

For many of us the concept of studying English grammar equals hours of poring over textbooks trying to figure out...

Mar 10 · 1 min read >
Lesson of English language

How to Learn English With Movies

Do you like movies? If you don’t, you may wish to start watching them, not only for the entertainment...

Feb 20 · 2 min read >
Watching movies

Who has Custody of your precious private keys?

Learn about the importance of using a custodian service to safe keep the identity of your private keys and...

Oct 13 · 9 sec read >

How We Can Collectively Change the World ?

Learn how to access lending platforms and how to have the same level of service as anybody else in...

Oct 12 · 8 sec read >

Cash Transfer Technology Implications for Sustainable Development

Discover why cash transfer must occur in local currency and how it can build local capacity, resilience, and sustainable...

Oct 11 · 7 sec read >

Commission-free Trading Is Going to be Very Normal in the Future

Learn why commission-free decentralized thing is going to get bigger and bigger, and it’s going to be very normal...

Oct 10 · 7 sec read >

Revolutionize the World and Any Industry With Blockchain

Creating an impartial and accurate ICO/STO listing and rating system and only giving the public what they need to...

Oct 10 · 7 sec read >