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Best Writing Apps and Software – Free Tools for Writing and Editing

Writing and editing have improved immensely since the app industry started to bloom. There’s a lot of software for...

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Writing and editing have improved immensely since the app industry started to bloom. There’s a lot of software for Microsoft, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc. nowadays. Every writer and editor has their favorite selection of apps that make their work in essays, book crafting, or even media very easy. Technological development makes almost any job faster and more pleasant.

If you’re a beginner and the only writing application you know is Microsoft Word, then this article is for you. If you’re a professional who seeks new ways of improving the working environment, you’re also at the right place.

Here’s a great selection of desktop and online tools to help you boost your writing skills.


Grammarly is a program that works on a PC, laptop, or smartphone, checking your grammar and word use. When writing, people don’t always focus, resulting in mistakes or incorrect use of words. This program helps to find and fix errors. It’s also available as a browser extension working in real-time.

It only takes minutes to check a text regardless of the word count. On the website, Grammarly compiles a list of checked texts and even creates a project to see the changes you made. Grammarly helps you to achieve writing goals, and it’s free with an option to buy a premium version that offers additional features.


Scrivener is an application that helps you to process notes, concepts, and actual text found in books, blog posts, etc. It makes formatting documents and outlining them easier, which is sometimes difficult to do using standard programs.

The features of the application were recently updated, enabling the processor to be used on Windows XP to 10 and macOS Sierra, as well as newer versions. You can download a free version or buy the premium one for $45.


This writing extension will tell you how difficult your writing is to read. It shows the level at which an average American pupil can comprehend the piece of writing. You will love it because it will make your files more readable. It’s one of the most popular apps available, incorporating free writing software to fit everything from professional essays to photo captions on social media.

Hemingway also highlights passive voice, difficult words, and long sentences to show you how you should improve the text. Just copy the piece of content to the page of their website and you’ll see results immediately.


Evernote is also a great app for writing. It is particularly helpful for taking notes whenever inspiration comes your way. That’s why they have a widely used smartphone version. A lot of writers working at specialist paper writing services use it when they need to compile a paper in a hurry. Evernote creates a simple document you can open and format whenever you have the time. Great ideas for an essay, story, or blog post may occur anytime. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Capture them on the go with this free program. You can also upgrade it to $5 a month to get additional features.

To sum up

There are millions of ISN-supported and independent writing programs out there to make your life easier. Find what works best for you and create your own set, but make sure you check all the suggestions we gave here first. Even if your choice isn’t free, it’s worth paying some money to have an opportunity to complete your tasks quickly and without any worries.

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