Exclamation Mark: Why It Should Be On Your Sentences

Exclamation marks on our sentence make our emotions known. Let the English Forward team show you how that is.

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exclamation mark

Grammar and language are filled with rules and regulations. An exclamation mark is an essential part of punctuation in English, so in this article, we will be explaining what it is and how to use it, and you will get an idea of the importance of exclamation marks.

What does an exclamation mark mean?

An exclamation mark or point is a piece of punctuation in English, which is used to denote sentences with an extreme emotional charge or signifying something extremely important. These sentences are called exclamatory sentences, and they always end with an exclamation point. Like in most languages, there are three main signs, which go at the end of a sentence, a period, a question mark and an exclamation point. While periods and question marks are used more often, exclamation marks are also an essential part of the English language.

Exclamation points are usually found at the end of sentences which express very strong emotion. Here is an example sentence:

  • You used up all the milk again!

In this sentence, the use of an exclamation point is necessary, as the person speaking is extremely annoyed and angry that there is no milk once again.

Another use for an exclamation mark is to denote a surprise or a situation which developed unexpectedly. Here is an example of how to use an exclamation mark after a word of warning, or surprise.

  • Attention! The floor is wet, watch your step.

In this sentence, there is a word of exclamation first, followed by an exclamation mark. This is to show that the word was used as a warning and to draw the attention of the reader, or listener. By placing an exclamation point after such words, the speaker points out that this is the emphasis of the sentence. They are extremely useful in writing as well because this shows the reader what the charge of the situation was. In the next section, we will talk more about sentence emphasis in quotations.

Are exclamation marks rude?

Exclamation points are not perceived as rude, but can sometimes carry that connotation, depending on the context they are used in. If the word preceding the exclamation mark is rude, then this will be emphasized by the sign at the end of the phrase.

One exclamation mark in itself should not be perceived as rude.

Exclamation mark in quotations

The exclamation point as a punctuation mark is extremely valuable in writing because it carries the emotional charge of a sentence. One of the main uses of such marks is to denote the tone in which a speaker said something in reported speech. Here are some examples of how an exclamation mark is important when in quotations.

  • Jack said, “Leave now or you’ll miss the bus again!”

In this example, the words in quotations are reported speech, and the exclamation mark is placed before the closing quotation marks. However, often in writing, reported speech does not form the whole sentence. In such cases, the exclamation mark might be placed after the quotation marks. Here is an example:

  • Jack is constantly telling me how I’m going to “miss the bus again”!

As you can see, in this example the exclamation point is placed at the end of the sentence, after the quotation marks. This is done because the person speaking is only using a fraction of the sentence Jack said but is also expressing their annoyance with the constant reminder.

What does 3 exclamation marks mean in a text?

Sometimes in writing, you can also get to see a triple exclamation point. Triple exclamation marks are used to emphasize the importance of what is said even further. Rarely you see triple question marks or periods, but exclamation marks are used in this way more frequently. Here is an example:

  • Get inside now!!!

Whenever you see triple exclamation marks in a sentence, you know that the intensity of what is being said is even higher. In the example above, the triple exclamation marks are used to show that what is being said is imperative, and should happen right away.

Exclamation marks are a valuable piece of grammar in the English language, which is why you should be aware of how and when to use them.

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