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Five Alternative Career Choices for Education Majors

Many believe that the only profession for education majors is to become a teacher. While this has its benefits,...

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Five Alternative Career Choices for Education Majors 1

Many believe that the only profession for education majors is to become a teacher. While this has its benefits, it’s not a career path suited for everyone. The pay is often low and the hours can be long thanks to after-hours work. For those that are not so keen on teaching, there are plenty of alternative choices that come with their own advantages. Below are some of the best choices.

Graduate Degree

Before looking at career choices, you can consider studying for a graduate degree. This degree in education can lead to better job opportunities, a higher salary, and a wealth of new skills and knowledge. If you’re worried about how to pay for your degree, you can consider private graduate loans. You take out a loan from a private lender who helps you choose the best financial option, including a flexible repayment plan that works for you.

After School Program Coordinator

If you’d still like to work with kids but aren’t looking to teach, you can consider becoming an after-school program coordinator. With this career, you will devise engaging and educational programs for children after school hours. The program options are varied, giving you creative freedom. Another advantage is that this job offers better working hours, with a later start in the day, as you’ll be working after most staff have left.

Career Counselor

There are many counseling opportunities for those that have education degrees. One of the more common options is to become a career counselor. Here you will work with people of all ages and backgrounds, broadening your horizon beyond only working with children. As a career counselor, you can work on a college campus or a professional setting for individuals looking for a career change midway through their working lives. This job requires some research and a broad knowledge in various fields, making it a good choice for those with graduate degrees in education.

Camp Director

If you are looking for a managerial role and love the outdoors, becoming a camp director is another option. Here, you’ll work with multiple team members to develop camp activities, create camp schedules, solve issues that arise, and oversee all operations. This job is another great alternative for those who’d like to work with kids in some capacity. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to live onsite.

Residence Life Coordinator

An alternative to working with children is to work with young adults. Becoming a residence life coordinator means you will be working on a college campus, managing dorm rooms and other employees that work there. You may have to deal with any disciplinary issues that arise, but you will also be in a position to support students with their academic endeavors. This is therefore a very impactful profession.


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