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GMAT Online Exam: A Precautionary Measure during Covid-19

The global pandemic has affected every sphere, and education is no exception. Studying abroad has become a fear for...

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The global pandemic has affected every sphere, and education is no exception. Studying abroad has become a fear for many students, and the entrance exams have also stopped functioning. The GMAT exam has also suffered from the setback and test-takers are finding it challenging to reach the test centers. Considering the current intensity of the situation, GMAC has successfully arranged the GMAT online exam. 

GMAT Online exam is the newly framed solution that aims at benefitting the test-takers and the schools by arranging online and remote proctored methods of taking the exam from home. Though the GMAT online exam is equally accessible for every test-taker it is more inclined towards supporting the ones whose B-school deadlines are nearing. 

GMAT Online Exam Framework

There have been some striking changes in the GMAT fees. The GMAT online exam cost is $200, and the registration fee will cover the boundless score sending. Not just that, GMAC has further waived the appointment reschedule and cancellation fees.

The new GMAT online exam has eliminated the GMAT Analytical Writing Section, therefore remaining with three Verbal, Quant, and Integrated Reasoning. The time and number of questions have been left untouched. 

  • 31 quant/62 minutes
  • 36 verbal/ 65 minutes
  • 12 IR/ 35 minutes

Total time: 3 hours – 2 hours 45 minutes for the exam and 15 minutes for checking into the proctor system. There will be an optional 5 minutes break before commencing with the IR section. 

Whiteboard Usage: Candidates are allowed the flexibility to access their physical whiteboard or they can also avail the online whiteboard for scratch work purpose or to jot down notes.

GMAT Online Exam: Scoring 

To evade the possibility of any error, this exam will also comprise a similar number of sections and items in them. The scoring algorithm will also work in the exact similar manner for both sectional scores and GMAT total score as applicable in the test-centre based exam.

The GMAT official score report will display identical sectional scores, total GMAT score and GMAT percentile scores too. The validity of the GMAT score is 5 years. 

Sending across the GMAT Score 

This part also has certain new changes, the candidate has control over their GMAT online exam score, whereby they can send their scores to the programs only when they are ready. Additionally, they can first view their GMAT online exam score report and then decide on the sending action to the preferred programs. And as already mentioned, there is no extra cost for sending across the GMAT online exam scores and GMAC has made it complimentary. 

Candidates will receive their GMAT online exam score report within 7 business days of their exam.

The schools will be notified about the candidate’s GMAT score within 24 hours.

Availability of GMAT Online Exam Appointments 

To maintain coherence in the availability of online exam slots, GMAC has enabled a 24*7 appointment service which will provide the opportunity to the test-taker to avail an exam appointment even before 24 hours, considering it’s an available testing window.

Appointment dates are functional from April 20, 2020, till December 31, 2020.


  1. The GMAT online exam is available in most of the areas worldwide with only exceptions being Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea due to administrative and local data privacy regulations.  
  2. The GMAT online exam is only available in English for now.
  3. The GMAT online exam can be taken on both Mac and Windows laptops and computers.
  4. If the candidate is finding any test center accessible near to them, they are encouraged to visit and take the exam from there. The GMAT test centers are following the precautionary measures in a rigid sense.

Administering GMAT Online Exam Rescheduling and Retaking 

Candidates have the liberty to cancel or reschedule their GMAT online exam before their scheduled appointment by logging into their account.

GMAT online exams will not be considered in case of the test-takers yearly or lifetime exam attempts.

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