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Finding words in a particular count starting with the letter h is indeed challenging. We’ve come up with free...

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h words

Finding words in a particular count starting with the letter h is indeed challenging. We’ve come up with free word lists, or set of words that start with h, to boost your search. Constant practice with finding words and their meanings will help you develop your vocabulary.

We hope you find this page useful to help beat your friends in word games like Words with Friends or Scrabble. Here, we’ve organized 2-letter words, 3-letter, 4-letter words, 5-letter words, 6-letter, 7-letter and 8-letter words; and some bonus words starting with h! Utilize these sets for any useful purpose! 

How many h letter words are there?

There are a total of 139 h words or words that start with h listed in Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary core vocabulary list.

Words that begin and end with h to use in Scrabble

  • high
  • health

The only 2-letter word starting with h

The only 2-letter word that starts with h is he.

3-letter words that start with h

  • her
  • hip
  • him
  • her
  • hit
  • his
  • hat

4-letter words starting with h

  • hole
  • hook
  • hope
  • horn
  • hose
  • holy
  • home

What are five-letter words that start with h?

  • hotel
  • house
  • humid
  • husband
  • horse
  • happy
  • hence

6-letter words that start with h

  • hourly
  • hockey
  • hollow
  • honor
  • horror
  • harbor
  • hardly

What are 7-letter words that start with h?

  • herself
  • however
  • highway
  • holiday
  • honesty
  • himself
  • history

8-letter words that start with h

If you want to ace that word game or score high in Scrabble, then use any of the eight-letter words in this list!

  • humidity
  • homework
  • hospital
  • hesitate
  • hardware
  • headache

How do you describe someone with the letter h?

Here are h-letter words start h to describe someone and help you beat your friends in Scrabble!

  • handsome
  • harsh
  • helpful
  • healthy
  • hopeful
  • hot
  • honest
  • huge

There you have it! Beat your friends in Scrabble or Words with Friends by keeping these lists of words start with h.

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