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How to Handle Academic Overload Like a Pro

How to Deal with Homework Overload in College College homework is designed to help you learn both the basics...

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How to Handle Academic Overload Like a Pro 1

How to Deal with Homework Overload in College

College homework is designed to help you learn both the basics and more complex aspects of different disciplines. Also, it gives you the chance to find out more information on the topics discussed in class, as well as practice to acquire any necessary knowledge and skills. 

In a typical college setting, your professors will give you an assignment or two every other day and set a deadline. At this point, they leave you to complete the assignment and expect you to pay attention to details and instructions. In other words, you are the one responsible to complete the assignments properly and within the deadline. Below are some tips to complete your coursework effectively.

Stop Overthinking Every Other Assignment

You may be tempted to wonder how many essays, reports, and other tasks you have on the list and how much time each requires. However, you should instead make timelines to create a streamlined process, and ultimately get down to work. To keep your weekends from being overloaded, be sure to have 2-3 hour study sessions every day.

Perfect Doesn’t Exist

Pareto’s principle (also known as the 80-20 rule) states that 20% of your efforts bring 80% of your results. In other words, not all of your efforts will be perfectly executed, and you will never have perfect results. 

When you’re writing an essay for college, are you trying to make it flawless? Remember that you’re not a professional writer and still learning. In other words, no one is expecting you to produce perfect papers, as you’re in college to improve your writing. You are a work in progress.

Ultimately, what may feel like “a lot of work” might really be you trying to make your papers “perfect.” Because of this, you should focus on learning the important concepts and being able to apply them rather than executing each detail flawlessly.

Cut Off Distractions

More often than not, college students sit down to do their assignments, but then they get a Facebook message. Then, they realize they have several notifications on Instagram. After that, they remember they haven’t watched that hilarious cat video on YouTube. Before they know it, several hours have passed.

The best way to combat this is to create a good work environment. Generally, undergrads prefer libraries. However, you can create a workplace virtually anywhere that is relatively quiet and comfortable.

If you cut off all distractions and focus on your homework, it will pass by faster. Whether you’re working on your lab report or getting ready for a math test, you will struggle more with regular interruptions. If you stop working on your essay after the first paragraph to answer a Facebook message, you will lose an important trail of thought, causing you to take more time and have lower quality work. Getting rid of distractions will save you a lot of time, so go ahead and turn off that phone!

Know Where You Study Best

On a similar note, you should consider not only how distraction-free the environment is, but also how well it works specifically for you. For many college undergrads, different types of home assignments are conducive to different locations. For instance, you may find yourself most inspired to work on your essay in a quiet library room, while getting ready for a test may be easier in a living room or at your favorite local café. 

Find out where you study best! Putting yourself in an environment that inspires and motivates you is a must in working efficiently.

Share the Load

To learn concepts and avoid being accused of plagiarism, you should do most college work on your own unless stated otherwise. However, when you feel that you’re stuck in the middle of academic chaos, you can always share the load with those who know the business well. This way, you can focus on actually learning the concepts. 

Now, we don’t condone copying or stealing any materials. However, sometimes students get too busy, and getting all assignments done in a certain time frame is impossible. 

If there’s an essay you don’t really know where to start from, you can always approach a cheap writing company and request, “Please help me do my assignment.” Competent writers will explain the specifications of the project and guide you through the writing process. Because of this, you will cope with the tasks at hand faster and get better results.

Prioritize To-Do List

Even though hanging out with friends and partying hard is an integral part of college life, studying is your priority. Because of this, you should manage your time carefully and effectively. To do so, you should create to-do lists and prioritize the things listed. If you don’t have time to complete one task, move to the next task if you can, so you can at least get the ball rolling on more projects.

Hopefully, these simple recommendations will help you deal with the academic overload. It is not an easy task; however, if you establish some time management skills, eliminate distractions, and share the workload, your homework experience will improve immensely.

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