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How to raise a successful child?

We live in the most interesting time in the history of mankind because there are a vast number of...

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How to raise a successful child? 1

We live in the most interesting time in the history of mankind because there are a vast number of events, changes, improvements and the pace of development only gains momentum. With the advent of new technologies, people have begun to generate more information, promote personal brands, set up advertising,  buy Instagram followers, become opinion leaders and a source of relevant information.  Under such conditions, it is important to quickly adapt yourself and to teach your child to do so. For many parents in Singapore, raising a talented and successful child is the main goal in life. 

How to awaken a child’s love of learning?

The first stage of a child’s development lasts until the age of 6 when he cannot fully communicate with his parents, so he absorbs everything they do and learns from the example. Remember that during this time you are on the child’s radar, and he watches how his dad behaves towards a mother,  his driver, and other people. Make sure he has a happy childhood, during this time it is enough for him to see the harmony in the family. 

From the age of 6 to 12, it is advisable to provide the child with the opportunity to try as many activities as possible. One possible way to awaken a child’s love for learning is to identify the areas of his interests. By practicing different activities, you need to determine what he likes. It is equally important to see what a child is good at. When a child does his favorite craft, he considers the difficulties as part of the process. This is a filter that cuts people off from success in a certain direction. 

After the age of 12, it is important to reinforce the strong. If your child shows an aptitude and ability for the exact sciences, hire a tutor in this area. This is a valid and reliable way to stay motivated all the time. Then it is guaranteed that the child will know the subject thoroughly, he will develop his talents and will be happy. 

As a result, one of the main responsibilities of parents is to prepare the child and make him happy by finding a field of activity that he will do throughout life and that brings him happiness and pleasure. Because a person who goes to his favorite job does not work a single day.  A person who does what he loves does not run for results or success, but mastery. When a person does his job due to his skill, he self-actualizes, his self-esteem and self-respect increase, and in the future when the child is engaged in business, things will go well for him. 

What to do when a child does not do something?

It is important to understand that the child does not complete a task for certain reasons. The first reason is the lack of motivation. Motivation is the answer to the question: “why?”. Motivation can be different: financial, psychological, physical, etc. Therefore, if a person has no motivation, he will not accomplish anything. 

Second, if the child does not have the knowledge or skills, then he will do it, but not in a proper way. If the child does not have resources, then he will rush about in helplessness, but nothing will come of it. If he does not have a plan, then he will do it randomly.

So, you can diagnose the cause through the child’s behavior. You, as a parent, can influence motivation by finding the area of your child’s interest. The second thing a parent can do is to provide resources for the child: buy a computer, tutor courses, etc. Every parent can teach the child to plan, tell him where and how to get knowledge and teach him how to do a certain task.
The child feels freedom only when you start negotiating with him on equal terms. As a consequence, he begins to feel a responsibility.

How raise self-confidence in children?

Raising a happy, confident, and healthy child is harder than it looks, but it is possible. There are definite methods of how parents communicate with their children and it has a direct impact on their success in the future.

The first thing parents, who have happy and confident children, do is make sure they have rules. Now, most people’s attention is directed to the digital world, where influencers constantly fight for their audience’s attention: raise their ratings, buy real Instagram followers, advertisements, and involve more users in their field of influence. Therefore, it is easy to lose focus on the main thing, get carried away in the entertainment content, and use the time inefficiently. As a parent, you must establish communication rules, discipline, and obedience without becoming a dictator. Subconsciously, children want from you a set of recommendations that will give them structure in life. They will know what to expect and that there is permanence in the world. Some parents make the mistake of trying to be friends with their children or do not give clear guidance because they are afraid the children will resent them for it. 

The second thing parents do to make their children confident is they allow them to make their own decisions. When children know what punishments or rewards wait for them in any given situation, they begin to have self-confidence by making their own decisions.  

Also, children will be able to take responsibility for their actions. Children need your instructions and guidelines, they need your care and love, and you need them to listen to you and follow the rules, then everyone will be happy. 

The third thing parents do to raise self-confident children is to talk to them specially. How you communicate with your children is the most important factor in shaping their personality and self-confidence. The basis of self-confidence is self-esteem. Self-esteem can be described as how much you love and respect yourself. Children do not have a formed concept of self and a clear understanding of who they are. That is why they adopt beliefs about themselves in childhood, based on how they are treated by the most important people in their lives, their mom and dad. If you want to constantly influence your children, always give them the support they need and never criticize them. Destructive criticism is the greatest destroyer of personality in the world. Never complain about your children. Always say that they are good and smart. In this way, you will lay the psychological foundation for self-esteem and self-respect, which will come in handy in adulthood. 

To sum up, raising versatile children can be a difficult process, especially in today’s hectic world. If you are a devoted parent and give your children the tools necessary for success, especially psychological and emotional ones, they will not only become healthy but also happy and confident people.

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