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How to Write a Long Paper in One Night

Students know everything about suffering and struggling. They are put to multiple challenges while they learn and some of...

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Students know everything about suffering and struggling. They are put to multiple challenges while they learn and some of their assignments are too complex. The others take a lot of time and youngsters become even desperate. For example, they don’t know how to write a long paper in one night. We must confess that this is a pretty challenging test. When the time presses, it causes mental pressure and students get numb. They cannot do anything at all because the time constantly slips away.

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As a result, many students ask – Where can I find experts to write my papers? They hope to receive professional assistance and resolve their problems. Indeed, paper writing services like AdvancedWriters can handle any piece of writing and complete it overnight. Nonetheless, students can reach that objective too. This informative guide explains how to do that.

Schedule the Working Process

As you’re dealing with a time limit, begin with reasonable planning. Take into account all the stages, which are:

  • Preliminary – topic selection and researching.
  • Writing – creating a thesis statement and drafting;
  • Post-writing – editing and proofreading.

Evaluate the time required to complete each stage. Set reasonable deadlines and don’t violate them. Keep all sorts of distractions at bay.

Have the Necessary Materials

Make sure you have all the necessary learning materials close at hand. These are the laptop, pen, pencil, paper, textbook, and so on. Make a quick list of the things, which will help to write your project and get them.

Use the Internet for Researching

It’s vital to use the resourcefulness of the Internet if your deadline is a single night. You have no time to go to a library and so, digital information sources are your salvation. Quickly scan the Internet to find two important sources. Firstly, seek different guides and lists of relevant topics in your discipline. Secondly, seek appropriate evidence to support your topic and theory. Thus, you’ll save heaps of precious time without pondering upon what topic to choose. The Internet will provide you with the necessary answers.

Create the Initial Thesis Statement

One of the most efficient methods to speed up the process of writing is to create a good thesis statement. Mind that it’s not supposed to be the final version. Create a “working” thesis to begin with. It’ll give the required start to your writing. Build the whole plot around it and see how good it is. After you complete the paper, change the thesis according to the results. Perhaps no changes will be required.

Begin to Draft

Even if your time is ending, you should never try to write your assignment in a single run. Commonly, we recommend writing at least two drafts. However, our situation is uncommon and you have only one night to accomplish the assignment. Therefore, write one draft and revise it accurately. Give heed to its readability, grammar, tone, voice, style, vocabulary, and similar essentials. Afterward, try to improve all the drawbacks in the final version. Of course, you may be very quick and will have more time to write another draft. If you have the time, do that!

Here are several quick tips for your content:

  • Write short sentences;
  • Each paragraph should cover one point at a time;
  • Stick to the active voice, unless it’s a laboratory report or similar papers;
  • Use formal tone for scientific papers and informal for non-scientific projects;
  • Don’t overuse technical terms;
  • Avoid jargon and slang;
  • Use words, which are known to most people;
  • Make your paragraph transitions smooth and logical;
  • Be concise and straight to the point;
  • Avoid watery sentences;
  • Don’t write about the things you don’t really understand.

Revise Using Smart Apps

Although you run out of time and the revision stage is time-consuming, you shouldn’t skip it. Many students have already done this and lost multiple grades. The revision stage helps to identify different kinds of mistakes and some weak parts of your story.

Reading is essential and you’ll have to reread your paper at least twice. Doing that, apply different methods, such as reading aloud and in the head. If you have some time, read from the last sentence to the first one. This method is a bit longer but provides you with more chances to identify mistakes.

Besides, use different editing and proofreading applications. There are many smart tools, which instantly verify the entire text. For example, Grammarly scans texts in several seconds and shows your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. Moreover, it also shows the correct variants. You’re free to choose this or some other dependable application to save more time and meet the deadline. 

Memorize our recommendations because they are universal and efficient. They can be applied to any piece of writing, regardless of its topic and discipline. Thus, you’ll definitely complete a long paper in one night.

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