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Learn English Online: The Best Websites for Learning English

There is always a way to grow and become better, especially when it comes to learning languages. There are...

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There is always a way to grow and become better, especially when it comes to learning languages. There are many great opportunities that you can get access to even right now. All of them can be found within seconds online and are completely free. If you are interested in improving your English and learning something new, this article is going to help you a lot. Find out everything about the best online resources and websites for self-education here.

Top 9 Resources for Learning English and Doing Homework 

Are you ready to become a better English speaker and to get the best grades for your English assignments? Here is a list of the best websites that you can use for learning English. These are the resources that millions of students used to improve their knowledge and skills: 

  • Online Writing Lab from Purdue. This resource is full of great materials that you can use to improve your writing skills. If you are confused about writing formats and styles, on this website, you can find all the guides that will teach you how to cite a resource properly. 
  • Coursera. Many students know this website already: this is one of the most popular platforms where you can find some educational courses on different topics of all levels. Here, you can study English as well as the composition and craft of writing, so you will definitely get better at doing English Homework. 
  • English Zone. To improve your English skills, you don’t have to search far to find a good resource for doing that: English Zone is a collection of the materials that will be a great assistant for you. From grammar to reading comprehension exercises, you will find anything you need to become a better English speaker. 
  • DoMyAssignments. That’s a professional English assignment help that will complete any kind of paper or essay for you. If you don’t have enough time for your homework and need someone to help you out, this website is a great source for that purpose. 
  • YouTube. Surprised to see this one on the list? On this website, you can find many interesting videos that will break down even the hardest concepts to you. All you have to do is just type the topic or assignment you have to cover in the search bar, and dozens of videos will pop up just after a few seconds.
  • BBC Learning English. Here, you can find all kinds of exercises that will help you improve all aspects of your English, such as writing, listening, and speaking. All of the materials are free, and you will not have to pay anything in order to access them. 
  • Smarthinking. If you feel like you need assistance from a professional, this service is the best choice for you. This is not a regular tutoring service: they cooperate with many educational institutions to deliver the best support to students who need someone to help them do their homework. 
  • Khan Academy. It is another great source that will help you do your homework: and not only English. Here, you can study different subjects while learning English as well since all the courses are taught in English. It is completely for everyone who wants to know something a little better. 
  • Duolingo. This is one of the most popular apps for English learners. It offers an effective way of learning vocabulary and grammar. You will notice the results even after a few weeks of using it. Duolingo is an especially good app for those who are only starting to learn English.

Studying English and Doing Homework Can Be Fun 

If you have a lot of homework to do and not sure if you have enough time to study English, don’t give up. You can actually combine both activities and learn English while you are doing homework. Use some resources similar to those you are using usually but in English: at first it might be hard, but you will get used to it. And if you feel like there is too much homework, you can also use online writing help or assistance from a tutor to get done with it faster so you would have more time to study things you are interested in.

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