Seven Sayings That Originated in Gambling

There are a large number of sayings that originated in gambling. Some of the most common phrases used today...

Apr 23 · 2 min read >
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Why Do Students Choose to Study Business Disciplines in 2021?

Today, MBA is one of the most highly-demanded degrees. Business- and computer-oriented students strive to enroll in the top...

Apr 13 · 2 min read >
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The Motivation for Learning English

English is not only the language of native speakers. It is also a communication tool used every day by...

Mar 23 · 2 min read >

6 Excuses That Prevent Us From Learning

Training is a turning point not only in one’s career but also in life. After taking courses and improving...

Mar 23 · 4 min read >
A students group learning at school academy.

Effect of Stress During Exams on the Body of Students

Whether students are freshmen or undergraduates, their academic years create multiple opportunities for stress. Even a student who works...

Mar 23 · 3 min read >
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Improved Learning and How Learning Spaces Can Help

The education sector is changing. When it comes to teaching, the methods used are slowly adapting and trying to...

Feb 18 · 2 min read >

7 Steps to Learn English with Netflix

Thanks to Netflix, the way we spend our free time has been modified a lot. We no longer need...

Feb 14 · 5 min read >
Coffee and Netflix

Top 10 Tips for Foreign Students to Learn English

English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and a centrally accepted language for business, entertainment, and education....

Jan 27 · 3 min read >
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6 Hacks for Surviving Your Last Year as a Tech Major

Let’s be real. Studying at university or college is a challenge itself. Assignments, essays, exams, lectures, and the need...

Jan 25 · 3 min read >
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