Most Commonly Used English Words in Online Slot Games

All games have their own respective lingo and words that are regularly used by their respective players. Regardless of...

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All games have their own respective lingo and words that are regularly used by their respective players. Regardless of how good you are at a particular game, it’s important to be aware of the terms associated with it, so you don’t come across as a novice in its gaming community.

Do you often wonder what slot machine players are referring to whenever they’re discussing their favourite slot games? Has a specific slots term ever got you thinking about its meaning? For instance, many people wonder – what’s the difference between pokies and slot machines – when they’re actually used interchangeably in some parts of the world. With the surge in the popularity of online slot games, we felt it was time that we shared a short guide on some of the most commonly used terms in online slots.

Commonly used words in online slots

Blank – This term is used to refer to the empty space between two symbols on a single reel of an online slot game. It is also referred to as ghost sometimes, and can be seen occurring pretty regularly.

Credit meter – It’s a display on the screen of an online slot game which tells you the number of game credits you have left at any point of time.

Comps – These are the rewards given to online slot players, like free meals, holiday tickets etc.

Coin size – It’s the value of the placed bet.

Multi-line slots – These are slot games that have multiple pay lines

Onesies – It’s a slang commonly used for players who play no more than one coin at a time

Pay table – This term is used to refer to the table that displays all the potential pay outs in a specific online slot game, corresponding to different winning combinations.

Pay line – It’s the line which passes through multiple reels, touching every symbol. It’s normal for different slot games to have different numbers of pay lines, ranging from 1 to 100.

Progressive slots – These are a group of slot machines whose jackpot is connected to each other. Anyone playing on any of these slot machines contributes a small percentage of his/her bet amount to the common jackpot pool, which can be won by anyone of them.
Progressive jackpots – These are rewards won by playing a progressive online slot game. In most cases, these are life changing figures. For instance, this British soldier won a whopping £13.2 million playing a progressive online slot game called Mega Moolah, with a 25p stake.

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Random number generator – Also known as RNG, it’s a software that generates random numbers in a slot machine. These numbers determine the positions of the symbols and reels every time you spin, and eventually your losses and wins.

Rollup – These are dramatic sound effects which play out every time you win something in an online slot game.

Symbols – These are multiple images or icons that are placed on every reel of an online slot game. Getting the symbols in right places on the reels can win you big rewards.

Scatter symbol – Anytime you get a scatter symbol anywhere on the screen of an online slot game, you are in with a chance to win big rewards. Scatter symbols also trigger multiple bonus features and games, for instance free spins.

Wild symbol – It’s a symbol on the reels of an online slot game which substitutes other symbols, and can create winning combinations.

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