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Reading As One of the Ways to Improve Your English

There are many ways to improve your use and understanding of English, but reading is by far the most...

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There are many ways to improve your use and understanding of English, but reading is by far the most effective. Reading in the language you are trying to learn is the best way to exercise what you have learned practically. 

Reading in a new language is great practice before you are comfortable enough to speak it. There is far less pressure to know words and sounds when you read to yourself. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways reading can improve your use and understanding of English. 

Learn new words

The collection of words you learn and use when you speak are called a vocabulary. When you read, you increase the number of words you know and can understand. The more words you can use in writing or speech, the better your vocabulary. 

If you’re only starting to learn English, choose something to read that has fewer words in it. Don’t worry if some of them don’t make sense. Write these words on a piece of paper and use a dictionary to find out what they mean. Now, go back and read it all again. Do you understand it better? You’ve got it!

Reading is indeed one of the best ways to quickly learn and improve your foreign language knowledge, especially new words. Initially, though, it is difficult to read books for foreigners who are just starting to learn English. 

So the best way to start reading in English is by reading articles and essays. There is useful open database of free essays on almost every topic that interests you. Writing Bros is a worthy recommendation here as an open database of free essay samples. As a rule, in writing essays, simpler syntax and turns of speech are used than in books, which greatly simplify learning English for beginners.

How to write sentences

There are many different language rules in English. How you apply these rules is referred to as grammar. Class instructors reading this article are encouraged to use these tips for English teachers to help their students to understand tricky language rules.   

By reading, you get to see the different ways English speakers use grammar to make things interesting and easier to read. A more difficult text will use more grammar rules and exceptions than simple ones. So, remember to choose something to read that you feel comfortable with. 

Improves pronunciation 

Reading out loud to yourself or your English instructor is a great way to improve your pronunciation or what the word sounds like. Many English words sound different from their spelling, so practicing out loud gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the common sounds used in the language. 

Read words you struggle to pronounce over and over again to improve your pronunciation. Seeing the word repeated in your mind will make it easier to learn and before you know it, you’ll be using what you learned in sentences of your own. 

Read more to know more

When you choose something to read, think about what you understand from the title or what it is called. Ask questions about sentences or the use of words you don’t understand. When you do this, you improve how much you understand about what you’re reading. 

The more you can understand what you are reading, the close you are to fluency. And that means you are one step closer to being able to use English in your day to day life, which you work so hard to achieve. 

How you can read more 

Make time in your day to read in English. Spend 30 minutes reading every day to improve your fluency or how well you can use the language. Turn off your cell phone and try to pay attention only to what you are reading. 

Avoid distraction when you read. It’s harder to concentrate on what you might not understand when there are distractions around. Find a comfortable, quiet spot and bring along a pen and paper to write down new words and questions you might have while reading. 

Final thoughts

Reading is the fastest and best way to improve your English. Take your time when you start. Every day is a chance to improve. The more often you read, the better you will become at it over time. Soon you’ll feel more comfortable using what you’ve learned in a practical environment through either writing, speaking, or reading out loud. 


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Written by James Collins
James Collins is a college tutor and polyglot. His favorite hobby is learning new languages and organizing speaking clubs. James believes that being fluent in a foreign language is impossible without constant conversational practice, so he helps hundreds of people to find speaking partners and master their skills. Profile
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