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Reasons Why Online Education is Better than Traditional

Online education is rapidly growing due to its exceptional advantages over a traditional degree. A traditional degree is offered...

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Online education is rapidly growing due to its exceptional advantages over a traditional degree. A traditional degree is offered in a classroom setting of a college or university as opposed to online classes. Consequently, E-learning courses are gaining popularity compared to the traditional face to face courses.

The virtual classroom is conducted at flexible study times with diverse courses through access to the internet. This allows students to complete education as well as handle other responsibilities or commitments simultaneously. Presently, online degrees have reached a level of maturity with better accessibility and legitimacy. The good news is that top-ranked colleges are working towards offering an online degree to students similar to earning a traditional degree. You should select an online degree from an accredited college to appear credible and have better job prospects in the future. You could research for the  Best Online Colleges for you on The College Monk based on your requirement, course, and others. This article gives an overview of how online education is more beneficial than a traditional degree.


Online education is presented to students in a different way to traditional education. Students can access new technologies, video conferencing  and other software for the purpose of e-learning. While pursuing an online degree, students can study at their own pace. Educators prepare material required for students and circulate it weekly so students can study according to their different schedules. This enables them to meet other responsibilities while pursuing a degree

Higher Retention rates

The traditional degrees have lesser retention rates as they struggle to retain students throughout the course. A reason for the increase in attrition rate could be financial problems, difficulty in studying, and struggling to cope with the responsibility. Whereas, in online education, the retention rates have increased from 25% to 60%. The reasons could be affordability and a flexible schedule where students can focus on other commitments simultaneously.

Frequent assessments to reduce distractions

Assessments conducted on an online degree are similar and more frequent than a traditional degree. Students are provided with assignments, deadlines, and tests to monitor their learning from periodically. Of particular benefit is that students are given regular short tests based on the learning material provided. This helps in better assessment of studies, increases student engagement, and reduces distraction. This also allows the tutors to evaluate students often and keep a track of their progress. Even though the tutor is not physically present to monitor the students, these tests help in improving knowledge levels on the subject.

E-Learning is the greener option

We can certainly say that online education helps in improving the environment. Studies show that online education promotes 85% lesser CO2 emissions and 90% less energy per student compared to traditional education. Book supplies, paperwork, and transportation are eliminated in online learning. Promoting and engaging students in this will bring about more environmental changes and cooperation to achieve environmental goals.

Fitting Classes Into Your Schedule

Students in a traditional class must follow the schedule strictly given by the college and often end up missing classes. But in online education, you can easily fit online classes into your daily schedule. For instance, if you are working, or have to look after the family, or live in a rural area, you could still pursue an online degree according to your schedule. This means you can study at your own pace, in your own time by reviewing the same lectures as required. The main focus is access to the study materials, lectures, texts at your own learning pace. 


One common reason for students to choose an online degree over tradition is due to the expenses. Online degrees are much cheaper as there is no cost incurred on stationery, notebooks, textbooks, transportation, or classrooms. You only pay for tuition, application fees, and for internet access. Most online professors create their own course materials for their students which reduces your expenses on textbooks. This increases your savings and the need for financial aid. Additionally, Online Colleges accept FAFSA will assist you financially by providing online scholarships, grants, and student loans.

Availability of Diverse Courses

The traditional colleges provide various disciplines and courses for students but an online degree has much more diverse courses. You could choose even the most specific course based on your requirement and interest in a particular field. As a student, you can design the entire program you want to pursue. You can also explore other career concentrations and free online courses that may attract you apart from the degree program.

For instance, graduating as a software engineer and applying for the position of a software developer may not get you the job. Some employers look for a particular field and your degree might be considered as less relevant. Hence, be specific with the courses you apply for.

Innovations and Advancing Technologies

The virtual classroom is conducted with the use of technology where software and video conferencing are used to educate students via the internet. Students use the latest technology to educate themselves. They can subscribe to live coaching, seminars and free online courses to educate themselves. The Blackboard learning management system offers a completely online program within your reach.

Time Management Skills

Another advantage is that online degrees help you manage your time efficiently. Students can attend the regular online sessions according to an organized schedule and also perform the assigned tasks before deadlines. In addition to the course you pursue, you could gain practical experience in that field or work at an entry-level job to manage your commitments.

For example, a mechanical engineer is not only required to be well educated but also requires some field experience to land a job. Hence by earning an online degree, you could attend an internship program to complete both simultaneously.

Comfortable learning environment

You can access online classes at your own home and not worry about going to college. A student’s learning also depends on the environment in which they learn, hence a good learning environment is often found in online programs. Students can also have a one-on-one discussion with professors for educational help. This helps you to understand the subject clearly. A traditional classroom is often crowded and you could be lost in the crowd. There is no personal connection with the professors and you could graduate without fully comprehending the subject


Awareness has been created among students regarding the advantage of online education. It might be the next mainstream means of learning due to the benefits over traditional degrees. These include costs, quality of instruction, and improved conditions for students.  By conducting similar assignments, courses, flexible study hours, and live coaching, online programs are well-reviewed. We recommend you choose an accredited program and consult your academic advisor to help you choose the right college before you apply for an online program. Many traditional colleges are also working towards offering online programs for students. Hence, by the next generation, online learning will become more of a norm and less of a novelty. 

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