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The Best and Worst Time to Write My Assignment: 5 Steps to Succeed Anytime

Let’s imagine the situation – you are sitting, staring at the monitor, and you feel like the fog is...

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The Best and Worst Time to Write My Assignment: 5 Steps to Succeed Anytime 1
The Best and Worst Time to Write My Assignment: 5 Steps to Succeed Anytime 2

Let’s imagine the situation – you are sitting, staring at the monitor, and you feel like the fog is swirling in your head… And yet, 15 minutes ago you meaningfully tapped the buttons while working on the project. Now, you can only mechanically view your mail or stupidly browse through your favorite sites; your brain seems paralyzed. Another cup of coffee is drunk, you are walking along the corridor, waving your arms, refreshing yourself with water, but the feeling of lethargy does not pass. And know what happens? You don’t find the best time to work on the essay. You need to find yourself in the best time period. In this article, we will help you find the best time to perform the written task.

Assignment Help Tip #1. Look for the Time of the Highest Productivity

Depending on the time of day, our bodies are configured for different purposes. It’s required to take care of food intake, productive work and good rest. In this regard, many students have a more or less permanent regime that helps them to be active and effective throughout the day. People are affected by cycles. A number of studies and psychological tests have shown that the concentration and cognitive functions of a person depends on cyclical fluctuations with a period of 90-120 minutes. The beginning and peak of the cycle are accompanied by a surge of strength, increased attention and motivation – this is the most favorable time to work on priority and complex tasks. During the decline, attention gradually dissipates and fatigue accumulates, which leads to minimal productivity at the end of the cycle.

If you spend some time on defining periods with peak productivity and take this information into account when planning your work on an essay, you can significantly increase your productivity. Therefore, to improve efficiency and productivity, it is better to plan and work on important projects during periods of greatest productivity than to spend more time overcoming fatigue and concentration. During periods of energy decline, you can work on minor and simple tasks, routine tasks, or plan a 20-25 minute rest.

The Best Time to Do My Assignment

It is possible to identify the hours of greatest working capacity and energy decline only experimentally, tracking your productivity for the day. It is enough to record your performance during the week to determine the peaks and drops in productivity, but with increasing tracking time, the accuracy of the results will increase.

Pay attention to the period of the day when you feel the greatest desire to learn, you process information faster and more efficiently, and useful thoughts fill your head. This can be any period of time, both day and night, but your task is to identify these periods and use them with maximum benefit.

In addition, take into account an important fact – your biological clock can work according to your individual schedule. But the lectures at the university will go according to their schedule as well. When you determine the time of the greatest productivity, you will have to dock it with time for lectures, and time for homework.

5 Main Steps to Write You Paper Any Time

And while you are looking for your time of greatest productivity, we will give you some tips on how to handle your essay, regardless of the time of day, weather, mood, or other circumstances.

  1. Do not delay doing the work, do not wait for the deadline, but start writing at the first right moment after you have been given the job.
  2. Defeat the procrastinator in you and convince yourself that you can be effective regardless of the time of day.
  3. Feel free to ask your professor, classmates or specialized services for help, who are just waiting for your “write my assignment” request.
  4. Make a plan and schedule for your work. If your task involves a long study, break it up into stages and do a small part of the work every day.
  5. Periodically allow yourself to relax and eat foods that activate the brain.

And finally, we will give you the most universal advice on the best time to work on your essay. The best time to write an essay is as soon as possible after it was assigned to you, so proceed right now!

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