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The Best Modern Ways To Learn English

We are all well-acquainted with the traditional ways of learning English. You study the grammatical structure, learn vocab lists,...

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We are all well-acquainted with the traditional ways of learning English. You study the grammatical structure, learn vocab lists, and try to find people to speak to. It is not the most exciting process, but it will get you there… eventually.

The good news is that, as we have progressed as a society, modern technology has given us brand new ways to learn English. Many of these provide more stimulation than the traditional styles of learning, making it easier to motivate yourself and learn.

Here are the best modern ways to learn English.

Language learning apps

The most common way of approaching a second language in 2021 is to use language learning apps. These apps provide simple methods of learning words, phrases, and entire languages at the tips of your fingers.

Everyone knows about Duolingo by now. Along with Babbel, it is one of the oldest and most popular learning apps on the planet. It gives you the tools to study a language like English in short increments every day. With a twenty-minute commitment, you can learn quite a lot over time.

An app like Memrise uses algorithms to get an idea of how you learn languages and customizes the process to you. It also provides videos of native English speakers saying words and terms in context.

Other apps take a more exciting approach. Lingopie gives you thousands of episodes of TV to watch, with interactive subtitles. This means that you can click on them to get more information on a word or phrase, and it will save the words you need help with so you can study them later. They currently have French and Spanish available but are adding English shows soon.

Read ebooks

Reading has always been a great way of increasing your grip on a language. However, it could also be incredibly frustrating, especially if you were looking up every second word in a dictionary.

Today, you can read English books without frustration. Ebook readers like Kindle (both the device and the mobile app) will translate terms for you if you just press and hold. Instead of having to pick up a dictionary, the translation is right there for you.

This way, you can read a book without too much interruption. You get a better sense of the flow and can enjoy what you are reading.

Meet English-speakers online

When it comes to learning a language, there is no substitute for actually talking to someone in that language. In the past, you would be hard-pressed to find someone willing to take the time to speak to you in that language, especially if you lived in a different country. Today, it couldn’t be easier.

Join groups and forums around topics you are interested in, like virtual book clubs or bird-watching societies. Introduce yourself and ask if anyone is willing to chat to have a video chat with you. This does not take up too much of their time or energy, as they do not have to go out to meet you in person.

By spending time speaking in English to people you meet online, you will soon achieve some semblance of fluency.


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