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Tips For Studying English in the United States

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If your dream is to go to the United States, study English, and get a degree, that dream is very realistic. While navigating your country’s university system can be overwhelming, it is even worse in a foreign country. This article will discuss steps to help you consider your options and make the best decision for yourself.

Explore Universities

There are literally thousands of colleges and universities in the United States –  some are public, and others are private. You don’t have to pick the school you want to go to right now, but you should start looking at the options to set your sights on realistic targets. The top schools are very difficult to get into and may be more expensive than others. Also, they may not always be the best choices overall too. 

You should look into the specific programs you want to study and consider other factors, such as climate and the size of the school’s city. The United States is a huge, diverse country, and various areas can be very different from the next. With all these factors in mind, you may start to narrow down your options.


Studying in the United States is not cheap, but there are a lot of programs for students in your situation. For example, you may qualify for financial aid. You may also be eligible for scholarships and grants, some of which may be specially reserved for international students. You can register with a free scholarship service and application platform to match  you with personalized opportunities. 

Availability of English Language Programs

Depending on the fluency of your English, you may want to consider a college or university that offers a language learning program for international students. These are generally known as either English Language Transition Programs or Intensive English Programs. Both programs are effective, but they serve different purposes. The IEP is generally for students in short-term study programs. The ELT is the program that appropriately prepares you for a degree from an American university. If you are looking at either of these options, be sure that they are available in the locations you’re considering. Some colleges and universities may not have English language learner programs, while others may offer them only to graduate students.

Review Application Requirements

You need to consider the admission requirements as a criterion to narrow down the educational institutions on your list. You may need to take certain standardized tests. You may also need to write an essay or get recommendations. Note that every institution has a different application process, deadline, and application fee.

Preparing to Move

Once you are accepted and are ready to move and start your education, try to find out as much as you can about the area you’ll be living. Although you are ready to speed up your English language learning, you may not be prepared for the cultural shift and lifestyle modifications you are about to witness. See if you can connect with students from your country or find advice on blogs and YouTube about the place you will live for the next few years. It helps.

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