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Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus

Relying on new technological solutions is not only convenient but necessary during the coronavirus pandemic.  Digital technologies have proven...

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Relying on new technological solutions is not only convenient but necessary during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Digital technologies have proven to be invaluable for solving many of the problems arising from the crisis. 

Since the pandemic is not over yet, it’s essential to find the right tools that help teachers expand and test their students’ knowledge while complying with health and safety regulations. 

That’s where online test makers come in handy. 

Designed to help alleviate some of the burdens that teachers are carrying during COVID-19, test creators can be invaluable tools, but only if you manage to pick reliable software solutions. 

So, let’s look at some of the best rated online test makers and see which one suits you and your students’ needs best.

ProProfs Test Maker 

Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 10

ProProfs Test Maker is a fan favorite as it’s intuitive, user-friendly, and compatible with all devices – mobile, tablet, and PCs. 

Regardless of the device you and your students are using, everyone can easily access the software and enjoy its benefits to the fullest. 

As an admin, you’ll have access to an abundance of useful tools and features. You can create a test of any kind, featuring over 10 question types, including multiple-choice, hotspot, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. 

You can come up with your own questions or make use of the vast library with over 100,000 ready-to-use questions and pre-made quizzes. 

Every aspect of your test can be fully customized, from the theme to the completion certificate. 

Admins receive automatic reports and analytics, get insight into test results, student performance, scores, completion rates, and more. Grading can be done automatically to save time and effort. 

Overall, ProProfs Test Maker is a comprehensive and convenient software that can make testing a breeze.

Easy Test Maker 

Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 11

Easy Test Maker is a handy tool for teachers and instructors. All your tests can be easily created, printed, and published with a few clicks. 

You can upload tests you already have or create new ones directly in Easy Test Maker. 

You’ll have access to several question types, and once you’ve launched your quiz, the questions can be randomized to prevent cheating. 

Some analysis reporting is available, and admins can learn more about how many students answered correctly or incorrectly. 

A free version is available, but it’s somewhat limited. To get the full set of features, you’ll need to subscribe to either Plus or Premium plan.


Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 12

Teachers can use TestYou to create public and private tests and easily distribute them to their students. The tests you make can even be shared on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. 

You can set a specific time and date for the tests, create exclusive groups to assign a particular group with a specific test, include negative marking to prevent guessing, and more. 

If you want, you can enable students to retake a test once, every hour, or as many times as they need. 

Students can easily resume incomplete tests in case of computer problems, power failure, or other unexpected events. All answers and time spent are automatically saved. This feature can be turned off as needed.


Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 13

Testmoz is a popular online test maker that’s suitable for K12 and higher education, as well as corporate environments. 

It’s relatively simple to use and accessible online via any device. 

Teachers can create graded and ungraded tests and quizzes, develop question banks, upload files and media, and easily customize almost every aspect. 

You’ll get summarized statistics showing the average and individual scores, as well as the time they took to complete the test. 

Teachers have access to a generous free version, but it’s always best to sign up for a paid version and unlock all the features.

Speed Exam 

Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 14

Speed Exam can be useful across many industries, offering features that are valuable to educational institutions as well as for banking and manufacturing. 

You can quickly schedule tests for all students on the same date and time, grade them automatically, and even share results with parents and other teachers. 

All your students can access Speed Exam and quickly complete the self-registration process to ensure efficiency. 

This test maker offers a wide array of features, so it can take some time to figure it out, but it’s well worth the time. Make sure you get familiar with the software before you launch your tests.

Hot Potatoes 

Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 15

Hot Potatoes is a free-to-use test maker usable on both Mac and Windows, and as any free software – it lacks some of the more advanced features that ProProfs or Speed Exam have as premium solutions. 

Still, it can be very valuable to teachers and educational institutions trying to work around a  tight budget. 

You can choose from eight question types, include negative answers, set time restrictions, and even allow for hints to help the students along. 

The tests you create can be made available to anyone online, and you’ll have to pay for a license if you want to make them exclusive. 

Help Teaching 

Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 16

Help Teaching has all the basic features of a test creator – several question types, question randomization and shuffling, scheduling, and the like. 

What sets this online test maker apart is that it enables long test versions, supporting up to 100 questions. So, it’s convenient for prepping your students for their SATs or entrance exams. 

It’s simple to use, and it makes it easier for teachers to create and share their tests online. Still, it doesn’t have many of the bells and whistles that come with other, more robust solutions. 


Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 17

QuestionPro’s primary purpose is to be a survey creator for companies and large enterprises. Still, its features can make it a useful tool for teachers trying to create online tests. 

It offers multiple-choice questions, matrix questions, open-ended text, and more. 

You can create surveys and tests with embedded audio/video and images and customize your tests’ themes and appearance. 

It shines when used for gathering feedback on your online classes, but testing and grading are also possible. 


Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers During Coronavirus 18

QuizCV is easily scalable to suit the needs of any school or classroom. You can provide access to your tests through email invitations, so you can control who gets to take a test and when. 

The test creator boasts standard features like time restrictions, a multitude of question types, analytics and reporting, and more. 

Its design is somewhat outdated, but it still provides sophisticated solutions for test creation that can help you grade your students during the pandemic. 

The Bottom Line 

Finding the right test creator is crucial for assessing your students’ knowledge and ensuring they’re progressing as expected during COVID-19. 

So, give these test makers a try, and see which one is best suited for your needs.

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