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Useful Tips for Writing Argumentative Essay in College

If you are here to learn what it takes to write an argumentative essay, you are in the right...

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Writing essay
Writing essay
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If you are here to learn what it takes to write an argumentative essay, you are in the right place. I am going to unfold a few useful tips that can make your essay shine. The most important part of this practice is to embark on an area of research that you are attracted to and look into as many dimensions of the argument as you can. Never allow your personal bias to mess with your investigation and try to look at a given scenario or phenomenon through every lens that your research may offer. So let’s see how you can best approach it: 

Find a Good Argument

The argument lies at the heart of an argumentative essay. As you fish around for an argument, you may discover myriads of burning questions around. You must find an argument that you have a concrete reason to write about. Make sure it is not an overly researched area or else your audience may look down upon your work as a platitudinous fair. For example, once a reader finds you are about to share your stance about Russia’s manipulation of the results of American Presidential Election 2016, they may turn away saying, “ah, yet another…”. Make sure your argument has the power to hook your readers and urge them to be with you till the end. It can be any hotly debated area which you may find on social media, mainstream media, or any other popular source. 

Pick a Topic You’re Passionate About 

When picking an argument, ask yourself if it interests you so you can do justice to it. It is important that you have a passion for what you choose to write. If your argument appears to fall into your area of interest, your research will become like a deep dive into your favorite waters. This should ideally be a topic that hovers over your mind every now and then. It can also be an idea that you look at from a different angle than mainstream. Anything, be it controversial or interesting, that pushes you from inside to be considered can make for a captivating argument. If you are not good at choosing an argument and still want to create an impression through your piece of work, delegate it to an expert professional writing service that can easily do an essay for you. 

Research as Much as Possible

Once you are done with picking an argument of your choice that can keep your audience engaged, the next important thing is to research. Go as deep as you can and let as many perspectives and themes arise from your research as allowed by the time and scope of your investigation. The research is essential because of an ideal argumentative essay: 

  • Allows for weighing different ideas against each other
  • Offers an insight into the theoretical background of the topic 
  • Uses empirical evidence to inform the verdict

Any statistical information or theoretical data that you deem important deserves your attention. Have the opposing remarks, theories, and arguments surrounding your topic pit against each other until you reach the most reliable stance. 

Prevent Usage of Long Complex Words And Sentences

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As they say, “if you can’t put it simple, you don’t understand it well.” Your essay is the display of your command on the topic, not on its lexical depth. Avoid jargons and try to keep the information easy to digest. If you don’t want your readers to feel detached on any stage, try to put yourself in their shoe. Avoid overly complicated words and sentences. Remember, when using long and complex constructions, you are also at risk of producing run-on sentences. Off course, they will be a deterrent to the interest of your reader. One who checks your essay at college may also find it irritating, and penalize you with a low grade. 

Formulate an Outline

The flow of your argumentative essay is important. You have to make your readers pursue a logical path to investigation rather than having them in a labyrinth. Make sure you create an outline in advance as it unfolds the direction and the checkpoints through which you have to pass in a sequence to reach your verdict. A typical outline involves: 

  • A thesis statement
  • An investigation into pro-argument theories 
  • An overview of anti-argument theories 
  • Coverage of empirical evidence 
  • Your final thoughts

Don’t hesitate to omit or add anything to above break-up depending on the nature of your essay, but make sure that you interweave your ideas in a logical sequence. 

Prepare Your Arguments

Before you embark on writing an essay, spend some time to prepare your argument. Preparing your argument involves having a look at the background research and common perceptions. It is important to be aware of philosophies underpinning each theory, so you can avoid being superficial in your treatment to your chosen argument. If you think it takes more time than you can afford to write an essay, feel free to consult at the write my essay for me service to get the job done. 

Mind Your Formatting

Once you think you have produced your argumentative essay, pay some attention to how it may appear. The way you present your essay may serve as a gateway to building interest for your readers. Make sure it looks professional. Check it thoroughly for line spacing, indention, and spaces between paragraphs, alignment, and everything that may relate to its format. 

On every stage of your academic and professional career, you may have to frequently go through the experience of dealing with arguments. Your practice of writing an argumentative essay is a way to prepare you for this experience. The tips that I have just shared stem from the conventions of argumentative essay writing. You should ideally create a check-list of them and see if your approach to writing an essay conforms to each.

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