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Why choose Madrid to learn Spanish intensively?

There are many compelling reasons to visit Spain. The European country is full of joy and life. It has...

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Why choose Madrid to learn Spanish intensively? 1

There are many compelling reasons to visit Spain. The European country is full of joy and life. It has an extensive list of activities and places to visit, ranging from world-class bars and restaurants to amazing cultural sites, art galleries, shopping areas, and breathtaking natural wonders. Spain also enjoys good weather with blue skies and sunshine nearly all year round.

These reasons and many others make Spain one of the most popular destinations for overseas travel and study. Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid, combines the best characteristics that make the country appealing. The city is an incredible cultural and historical hub, making it one of the top destinations in the world. This reputation attracts thousands of international students from all over the world to learn Spanish in Madrid every year. 

Going to Madrid to improve your Spanish skills is a dream trip for many people. However, you may be hesitant because of all the decisions you need to make before getting on the plane. This article offers information on top schools in the city, student life guides, and more to ensure you enjoy your time, whether for a few days or a long-term stay.

Many educational options

Language and intercultural skills are essential in today’s world. Understanding the language that comes with the culture can help one interact with it accurately. Visiting new countries and immersing yourself in a new culture is the key to long-term professional and personal success.

In today’s world, Spanish is one of the top-rated languages, with more than 450 million speakers worldwide. Speakers of the language account for approximately six percent of the global population. If you want to become fluent in Spanish, studying abroad is the easiest, fastest, and best way to achieve that goal.

Spain’s capital, Madrid, has several Spanish Language schools that offer a wide selection of courses for all types of students, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Most schools have a high standard of education, are pretty affordable, and have an impressive record for improving their students’ knowledge of Spanish culture. 

Another reason students enjoy Madrid is the locals. The locals are good-looking, peaceful, friendly, and willing to help others. They have a unique energy. Furthermore, the city enjoys a genuine cosmopolitan vibe, full of young people looking to meet new friends and explore memorable language learning experiences.

An excellent destination on a tight budget

Generally speaking, the cost of living in Madrid is relatively lower than some of Europe´s major capitals – like Paris or London – especially compared to the amazing quality of life that comes with it. 

Of course, it is essential to note that lifestyle and status preferences play a huge role in a student’s budget. For instance, you can significantly reduce your cost of living by staying outside the city center and making your meals at home.

Overall, eating at a restaurant or going out for a drink in Madrid is pretty affordable. Most of your budget will probably go to housing, accommodation, and other essentials. 

Therefore, it is possible to study abroad on a budget in Madrid with good planning. If traveling to Spain is in your plans, you should consider your potential expenses to avoid getting stranded. If it is within your budget, you can easily find affordable accommodation close to the city center for 400 to 500 euros a month.

Also, flights to Spain are typically more affordable than to other Spanish-speaking countries. The cheapest time to visit Madrid is usually during the cold season (from December to March). However, you can still find affordable tickets in early spring and late autumn. 

Great food

An exciting and essential part of the abroad study experience is seeing and understanding the local lifestyle. It provides excellent insights into their society and traditions. Food is also another important aspect of Spanish culture. Eating out or grabbing a beer with friends is almost a daily habit among Spaniards. The country is flush with bars and restaurants that open all day long and offer food for different tastes.

If you are passionate about food, you have struck gold! Spain has an international reputation for its extraordinary gastronomy, characterized by the flavors of local spices and herbs. From seafood and cold meat to pasta, rice, and pastries, the country’s cuisine has a lot to offer.

Do not leave Madrid without going tapas-hopping with friends. Tapas are small bites of different kinds of foods (potato tortilla, cold meat, seafood, sausage), usually served on a piece of bread. They are typically served with beers or drinks at city bars or restaurants. Remember that interacting with the local cuisine is an essential part of any trip or travel experience. 

Also, Spanish culture relishes living at a slow pace. So, you can stay in a café or restaurant for hours enjoying your food, and you will not be rushed out under any circumstances. This laid-back attitude is part of the cultural values of the city.

The bottom line

As you can see, studying abroad in Madrid is a viable option. The low cost of living, excellent cuisine, and outstanding educational options are reasons the city receives hordes of international students every year. 

Therefore, if you are taking a Spanish course to improve your language skills, you should put Madrid on your list of potential destinations. Once you visit the city, odds are you will be enamored by the lifestyle there.

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