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Why Professionals Choose Professional Language Translators

With increased globalization, more companies are venturing into international markets. An effective way of capturing the interest of a...

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With increased globalization, more companies are venturing into international markets. An effective way of capturing the interest of a global market is through localizing. Localizing involves communicating in a language the locals know and understand. Hiring a professional translation company guarantees companies of high-quality transcripts at fast turnaround times.  

Common Languages That Require a Professional Translator

With over 6,000 languages across the world, there is an infinite need for translation services. However, most companies start by translating into the following most common languages:

  • Mandarin

Mandarin is among China’s official languages, and 70% of China’s population speaks Mandarin. The language is in high demand due to China’s emergence as one of the key players in international business. Mandarin translation jobs are often snagged by the Chinese as it is their primary language.

  • Spanish

There are currently about 37 million Spanish speakers in the United States. Indeed, it is among the most spoken non-English languages across the country. By the end of 2020, the number of Spanish speakers in the United States is estimated to be anywhere between 39 to 43 million. The demand for Spanish translators is not limited to the US, the language is also spoken heavily in Europe and Africa.

  • German

Although German is considered a rarer language, there is a growing need for German translators. Germany is among the strongest economies in Europe, a factor that has largely influenced this growth, as their workers and citizens travel outside of the country for business.  

What are the Benefits of Working with a Translator?

One of the largest pitfalls that a company can fall into is believing that anyone who speaks a certain language can double up as its translator. While this is a good way of cutting costs, native speakers have neither the experience nor the academic backing to make informed translation decisions. The key benefits of working with a professional translator are:

A Professional Translator Has the Necessary Resources

Through professional translation services, companies can access a large pool of experienced translators. They can even access translators who specialize in specific fields such as law, medical, marketing, or website content. Having an entire team working on translation jobs results in a polished and accurate transcript.

The Company Will Benefit from the Translator’s Cultural Understanding

Professional translators are not only guided by years of studying and experience, but they also have a deep understanding of the language. They know how and when to adapt the style and terminologies to suit the audience’s preferences and culture. Apart from translation, they’ll advise their client on how best to adapt their colors, design, images, and so on so that they conform to the intended audience’s expectations.  

Professional Translators can Double up as Marketers

Apart from translation, professional translators advise their clients on how best to adapt their colors, design, images, and so on so that they conform to the intended audience’s expectations. They are also familiar with the local technology and what worked and what did not on similar businesses.

It Saves Time and Money

While there are alternatives to working with a professional translator or translating company such as hiring a freelancer or a bilingual person, companies that choose a professional save time and money. A professional translation company can complete the job quickly and correctly the first time.

It is an Effective Way of Globalizing a Brand

Globalizing a product or service goes beyond translating the website copy and localizing the brand. A professional translating company handles all aspects of the business including online help platforms and even mobile apps. Businesses do not have to go back and forth to get all their platforms up and running. Brands can align their goals and purpose to different people across the globe.  

Professional Translators can Handle Large Volumes of Work

The ability to handle large volumes of work is among the key benefits of working with a professional translation company. Professional translators are able to handle huge workloads, thus ensuring efficient and consistent services while ensuring that teams adhere to stringent corporate and industry standards.

Why is Translation Important?

With over 20% of the world’s population speaking English, there is no doubt that this is among the world’s most widely spoken languages. Some of the reasons why translation is critical despite the popularity of the English language are:

Not all People Speak English

While English is common, not everyone speaks it. Indeed, most of the people who speak it might not be able to communicate effectively in all situations.

It is a Tool to the Global Economy

The exponential growth in technology and internet penetration has led to increased interconnectedness in the global economy. One of the most common challenges companies face when trying to penetrate new markets is the language barrier. Through translation, companies can directly communicate with a specific audience.

People Respond Better to Their Native Language

Communicating in a foreign language takes the emotion out of the message. Also, businesses need to provide their consumers with adequate information to help them in their decision making. A professional translator must not only interpret the language but must also retain its emotional charge. Companies need to communicate in a language that speaks directly to their hearts.

Translation Enables the Spread of Ideas and Information

Translation service is key to spreading new ideas, skills, and information. Through translation, people who speak a different language can understand the company’s ideas and perspectives. Through sharing ideas and information, businesses can eradicate cultural differences and connect with their potential clients.

Efficient and effective translation requires specific skills and qualifications. Through translation, brands can communicate with people across the world and adapt themselves to the global economy. When it’s your time to expand and venture into new markets, get in touch with Etcetera Language Group, Inc.

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