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Why You Should Use Tutoring to Study for Exams

With exams throughout the semester and finals coming up, you may feel overwhelmed and unprepared. Mounting the pressure is...

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Why You Should Use Tutoring to Study for Exams 1

With exams throughout the semester and finals coming up, you may feel overwhelmed and unprepared. Mounting the pressure is the fact that these evaluations tend to have a heavyweight on your grade, encouraging you to cram random facts instead of learning the material.

While the pressure of exams certainly isn’t an ideal situation, you can ease this pressure and actually learn the concepts through tutoring. Along with helping you memorize the actual facts, they will aid you in mastering the material and keeping it in your long-term memory.

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Below are a few of the reasons why tutoring can be so helpful.

  1. Helps you notice weak areas that you may have overlooked

Although they are certainly helpful, listening to lectures and doing self-study can only take you so far. When we’re teaching ourselves, we tend to accidentally overlook weak points because we don’t have an objective point of view. Even if for nothing else, having a tutor will help you notice those weaknesses, which can prove invaluable for exams. 

  1. Refers you to sources you may have not noticed

Because tutors often have strong experience in the subject they are assisting with, they also tend to have a deep knowledge of resources and guidance they can point you to. It’s like having a second teacher—except personalized to your needs and without extra homework! 

  1. Encourages you to take action with studying instead of procrastinating

A lot of times, the biggest issue with procrastination is not taking an initial step. However small, that first step can completely break the cycle of procrastination. With studying, it is no different.

Tutoring is a great initial step, as it allows you to not only start thinking about and learning the concepts but also to have a solid study plan given to you by an experienced instructor. If you decide to take multiple sessions, you won’t be graded, but you will be evaluated regularly. Because of that, it helps you take initiative in your studies and gives you extra motivation. 

  1. Helps you genuinely learn the concepts instead of cramming

With tutoring sessions, you can space them out instead of having one huge session in one day. Paired with the fact that it helps break procrastinating, tutoring helps prevent cramming. For the very least, you will have a general understanding of the general concepts if you do find yourself cramming for an exam. 

  1. Gives you a new perspective on the information

Along with having experience in the area and likely having teaching expertise, the tutors themselves have a different perspective on the same information. For instance, they may approach the material from a different learning style. Also, they may have information that was not presented during the lectures, and they may have additional study tips from their personal experience. Because of this, you can gain a fresh perspective on the material, allowing you to reconsider the material and think critically while studying. 

Overall, tutoring can prove to be a super powerful tool for studying for exams. Although it may require extra time to prepare for and actually do the sessions, tutoring is certainly better than late-night cramming in the long run. Plus, you are more likely to get a higher test score and continue to remember the concepts.

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