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replied to an anonymous question.
"He is not some God that they are trying to perpetuate." Does this even make sense?
AnonymousDoes this even make sense?
I understand the sentence, yes. Whether 'God' makes sense is another question.
asked a question.
The protagonist, Philip moved in with his uncle Mr. Carey, the Vicar of Blackstable after his mother's death. He goes to the medical school St. Luke's in London. He fell for a waitress. He goes out with her, but she doesn't like him. ................ ...
replied to 's question.
Can someone please answer? Can we say "could you please help me with tally 9 (Accounting software)" to mean "can you please help me learn tally 9"? What could be the other formal and informal alternatives? Is this correct "As I was speaking to ...
 Can someone please answer?
fatimah0786Can we say "could you please help me...
No. If you want to learn something, you can say "Could you teach me Tally 9?"
As I was speaking to her, she was busy typing away at the keyboard which was kind of irritating. ...
fatimah0786As I was speaking to her, she was busy typing away at the..., which was kind of irritating.
As shown.
fatimah0786Could you please help me with Tally 9?
This sounds like a request for help on a specific feature of the software which is presently troubling you, not a request to be taught the entire system.
CJ ...
Anonymous asked a question.
Please help me how to write the letter for requesting TC during submition of correspondence course
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