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This free tests section is full of tests made by our teachers and proficient speakers.

We also have several online lessons and videos:

  1. Free pronunciation course
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  5. Vocabulary lessons and many more .

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For basic and easy English questions we have the Basic English Grammar Questions and the Basic English Vocabulary Questions forums. Our other forums include:

  1. ESL General English Grammar Questions
  2. General English Vocabulary & Idiom Quesitons
  3. Video & Distance Learning
  4. English Audio: Speech & Pronunciation
  5. ESL Tests & Test-taking Questions
  6. ESL Software, Online Learning & Games

You can also read our archive of the most commonly asked questions.
A great way to practice your English is to go through our Read-along section!

For the more advanced learner of English we have forums that are more specific, such as

  1. Information Technology English
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  4. Linguistics Discussion Forum
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  6. Medical & Dental English

We also have a section for the writers, where you can either post your story or get help with your letters, reports, or essays. Besides that, you can find useful information on review writing at the Omnipapers blog.

  1. Essay, Report & Composition Writing
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  5. Stories by Students

For a fun way to practice your English you can join us in the Puzzles,Riddles & Word Games and Words, Puns & Jokes forums .

And last but not least, one of the best ways to improve your English is to make friends and practice with them. Join us in a live chat and see which people have introduced themselves .